NFL Picks Week 4

A decent week last week. I’m still appalled that the Bills beat the Patriots. The Bills’ QB is from Harvard, and their RB is from Coe College. I mean, seriously? Also, the Raiders did a good number on the Jets. Maybe Jason Campbell is going to work out for them. Although, anything is better than the last SEC QB they had…

This week has a lot of close lines, minus the Monday night game. I think the Lions’ undefeated season comes to an end this week against the Cowboys who I’m still not sure about. The Titans are even with the Browns, but are playing decent football right now. Then on Monday night, I’m going to go with Tampa Bay, solely because I think if they can score at least 10-13 points, then they will cover the line because unless Addai goes off, I don’t see the Colts near the endzone any time. Peyton out, Collins out, and some fresh faced kid starting instead. No way.

Without further ado – week 4 picks.

Week 4

Cowboys -2 Lions (34-30 Lions +4)
Titans EVEN Browns (31-13 Titans -18)
Falcons -4.5 Seahawks (30-28 Falcons -2)
Vikings -3 Chiefs (22-17 Chiefs +5)
Giants -1 Cardinals (31-27 Giants -4)

Buccaneers -10 Colts (24-17 Buccaneers -7)

Week 1: 4-1-1
Week 2: 3-2-1
Week 3: 4-2
Week 4: 2-4

Total: 13-9-2