The new beginning

So this weekend just solidified a position that I was already going to take anyway. As I mentioned in a previous post, I am leaving the majority of my gaming stuff behind. I officially took a position with a new sports talk station here in town as mentioned before, and in the first few days, already worked my way up to working a lot of hours to have some good income from the start and producing my own shows.

With this, I have officially left GoW Nation in every capacity. I handed 100% control of GoW Nation to Josh “Simburgur” Bishop, and 100% control of GameNation to Zach “zsta2k7” Wolters. As long as the new staff continues to pay for it, the site will have no down time and stay on my hosting. But GoW Nation and myself are no longer tied together in any way, shape, fashion, or form.

I have lost all love and passion for the game. The game itself is alright, but there are too many things that have turned me away from it. From the people that made it to the people that play it – it’s just not what it used to be. I have no reason to stick with it. I hate to have the ego of “there is nothing for ME in Gears of War anymore,” but let’s be honest, we all work to gain a little something when we put time into it like I have, but I just can’t and won’t do it anymore.

There are plenty reasons to “jump ship,” but too many to start listing them here. I think my reasons are kind of obvious to anyone who pays any attention to Gears of War competitively. I also think Gears of War is unfit for online competition right now the way we wanted to run it (streaming, leagues, etc.) so that destroys any plans we did have as far as competition goes for a while. They might change it to make it a better experience competitively (online), but I honestly don’t think they will. If the whole point of making a game “successful” is to make it stream friendly, then Gears of War seriously whiffed on that online, and pretty much in general unless you have super expensive setups like only MLG has. I hope I’m wrong, and that they make it work, but that’s just my opinion.

This past week, as I ignored pretty much everything about GN, and only turned my Xbox on a couple of times late at night – I had probably the best week of my life in a while. Since April 27th, when a tornado demolished Tuscaloosa where I lived at the time, life has been a living hell with all of this crap. I did finally graduate, but that just moved me into unemployment. Now I am employed doing a job I absolutely LOVE, feeling free and not tied down by GN, and just living my life the way I want it. It feels awesome.

I’ve decided to try and take as many hours as I can at work to start saving up for my own place. That means no more GN, no more Loser’s Bracket (after tonight), and barely any gaming. I am still a fan of Starcraft 2, but that will be about the bulk of my eSports experience.

If you still want to hear from me – check this site or Twitter (@jlunce). I’ll still be active both places.

I’ll see you all at Devastation, where I will be splurging on my last gaming vacation. Come say hi, and I might buy you a steak.