Real Sports on Bowl Games

So while channel surfing this morning, i ran across the latest episode of Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel. I usually try to catch these, but have kinda slacked off in the “appointment TV” department. Especially with Hulu, Netflix, etc. However, if any of you have HBO, or HBO Go, then I highly suggest you give the most recent episode a watch. You can watch an excerpt of it here.

Also, recommended reading for any college football fan: Death to the BCS by Dan Wetzel. We all pretty much know that the BCS is ruining college football, but there is much more behind the scenes of bowl games than just screwing a good number of teams out of a championship. It’s more like that, on top of screwing basically every team out of money too so that these bowl executives could make a fat wad of cash each year.

The BCS and bowl system being a piece of junk is nothing new, but something that I was so graciously reminded of today while watching Real Sports.

Also, Bryant Gumbel is probably one of the best journalists in the field. Definitely something to aspire to one day.