Monday, July 26, 2021
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Off the Record Episode 57 – Joker Backlash. Southern Hospitality.

In this episode, we discuss all of the backlash that is coming out about the Joker movie from people who don't want the movie to be released. We also discuss the latest news with Disney...

Off the Record Episode 56 – Ad Astra. Six Stories with Aaron Daniel.

We start the podcast with a spoiler-free review of Brad Pitt's new space movie Ad Astra. 7:00 - Then our former co-host Aaron Daniel joins the podcast for the second time to discuss some crazy...

Off the Record Episode 55 – Superman. Micromanagement. Creativity.

On this episode, we open up the discussion by talking about JJ Abrams signing a big deal with WarnerMedia and with it, could he ever make a Superman movie and if so, does the...

Off the Record Episode 54 – My Dad.

When I first started in radio, my dad was my biggest fan and also wanted to get on the air with me so badly. I said no...numerous times. There was a reason for...