Off the Record Episode 57 – Joker Backlash. Southern Hospitality.

In this episode, we discuss all of the backlash that is coming out about the Joker movie from people who don’t want the movie to be released.

We also discuss the latest news with Disney including them kissing and making up with Sony over Spider-Man plus Kevin Feige signing on to do a Star Wars film.

Then I has always been so negative about the south – I hate the heat, BBQ, and so much more – so what the hell DO I like in the south? I dive into my love and hate for the region.

The image is Tim’s daughter after she got into some baby powder and toothpaste one morning and Tim said she looked like the Joker.

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Jon Lunceford is a sports media broadcaster and digital professional. Jon is a graduate of the University of Alabama school of journalism, and played football at Birmingham-Southern College. He has also won two AHSAA Football State Championships while at Homewood High School and was a two-time World Cyber Games Team USA representative. He currently hosts Primetime on WJOX 94.5 and runs the high school athletics site JoxPreps.