We start the podcast with a spoiler-free review of Brad Pitt’s new space movie Ad Astra.

7:00 – Then our former co-host Aaron Daniel joins the podcast for the second time to discuss some crazy stories we all shared back in our old radio jobs.

9:03 (Story 1) – Aaron saved us seats for Star Wars: The Force Awakens after getting his wisdom teeth out.

14:40 (Story 2) – Aaron forgot his laptop at a high school football game and called the coach of the losing team to get it for him.

19:06 (Story 3) – We recall a prank we played on Aaron where he was thrown to the fire on air one day.

28:14 (Story 4) – Aaron recalls when he found out that a scheduled guest was dead and the talent didn’t know it.

33:29 (Story 5) – Tim brings up how Aaron basically had two dates to my birthday party this year (see picture).

42:17 (Story 6) – Tim recalls Aaron and I coming to visit him at the hospital after the birth of his daughter.

Thanks to Aaron for being such a good sport!