WordPress 3.4 and updates

WordPress 3.4 has been released, and while I know it seems like I never even post here, that just means I’m busy elsewhere, saving the world from aliens, fighting crime on the streets, doing my 9-5 job to hide my secret identity, and of course, becoming famous on The Midnight Meltdown.

However, with WP 3.4 “Green” being released, I have a new reason to come make a post. Especially for one cool feature like this:

I need to redesign this site so that I can use it as a more effective portfolio (so when I link to it in something like my resume, people don’t laugh), but as I was looking at possible redesign options, I noticed that 3.4 was released. You can now embed tweets like I just did, and you can also customize the Twenty-Eleven theme a bit more. I usually try to design something or work with a pre-made framework when I make WordPress sites, but I decided to stick to the main theme this time to see what it was like.

In other news, The Midnight Meltdown is going good. You can follow our work here:


You can also listen to us on iTunes by searching “The Midnight Meltdown” under podcasts.

Other than that, I’ve just been slaving away at trying to do my job better. Days are much longer than they were in college and in previous jobs, but it’s nothing I can’t handle. I just build up missed hours of sleep and get them all back Saturday morning. I have plenty of experiences I could “blog about”, but I just don’t ever have the time. My day is basically:

Work: 9 am – 8 pm
Eat Dinner, finish up some work, maybe play some video games: 8 pm – midnight
Sleep: Midnight – 8 am

Not a lot of excitement, but that’s the working life. Gone are the days of college where I could sit around all day and play video games and have fun.

I’ve said it a hundred times, but I’ll say it again – I’ll try to keep this updated. Maybe if I lived in NYC like I want to, then I would have more cool adventures to write about. Birmingham on highway 280 isn’t too thrilling…unless you love traffic.

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