I’ll admit, I was on vacation this week, but I still got to watch some football including Auburn’s abysmal performance against Florida. They have most likely removed themselves from the playoff conversation but a win over Georgia and Alabama will put them back in like it did in 2017.

Let’s get into the Post-Week 5 Overreactions, Tier List, Heisman Favorites and more!


First, let’s revisit some from last week:

CLEMSON IS AWFUL AND SHOULDN’T BE #1! – Well, they aren’t anymore. They dropped, but still got plenty of first place votes after a bye week. They better crush FSU this week.

THE PLAYOFF NEEDS TO BE EXPANDED! – There are still 12 undefeated Power 5 teams and 4 more Group of 5 teams that are undefeated. I know this will work itself out, but the way it stands right now, there is a realistic chance that there are 8 undefeated division winners heading into the conference title games out of six different conferences. The whole “this would be a great year for an 8-team playoff” talk is still real.

Now to this week:

THE BIG 10 IS THE BEST CONFERENCE! – This is false to me, but I think it’s a decent argument to have. Ohio State is arguably the best team in the country right now. Penn State is on fire as is Wisconsin. Hell, even Minnesota is quietly undefeated (but yet not ranked).

The SEC has one more ranked team because Texas A&M slipped back in there after a bye week.

Let’s pit the top ranked teams against each other right now:

Alabama vs. Ohio State – could go either way
Georgia vs. Wisconsin – Probably Georgia
LSU vs. Penn State – Probably LSU
Florida vs. Michigan – Florida
Auburn vs. Iowa – could go either way

There are four undefeated teams in each conference right now, but one of the Big Ten’s isn’t even ranked. I think there is an argument to the Big Ten being better, but I think it depends on Alabama/Ohio State.

THE AMERICAN ATHLETIC CONFERENCE NEEDS TO MAKE IT A POWER 6! – To be honest, I think this is a valid point. The top half of that conference is 6-3 against Power 5 schools, and they aren’t all scrub P5 teams either:

SMU (6-0): def TCU 41-38
Memphis (5-0): def Ole Miss 15-10
Cincinnati (4-1): def UCLA 24-14, lost to Ohio State 42-0
Temple (4-1): def Maryland 20-17, def Georgia Tech 24-1
UCF (4-2): def Stanford 45-27, lost to Pitt 35-34
Tulane (4-1): lost to Auburn 24-6

The only real blowout was Ohio State’s win over Cincinnati. Tulane played Auburn somewhat close and UCF lost to Pitt by 1.

The teams are at a disadvantage from the start with the system they play in, but there are plenty of solid teams that can compete on a higher level. UCF helped bring the conference to a higher level along with Memphis and now Cincy and SMU. There are three ranked teams right now. Looking at Top 25 teams by conference:

SEC – 6
Big Ten – 5
ACC – 3
Big 12 – 3
Pac-12 – 3
AAC – 3
MWC – 1

I would argue that top to bottom the American is better than the ACC and Pac-12.

Tier List

Note – the teams are listed in alphabetical order, not a ranking, under any given tier.

S Tier

Ohio State

A+ Tier

Florida (+1)
Penn State (+1)

A Tier

Auburn (-2)
Notre Dame

A- Tier

Baylor (+1)
Boise State
Cincinnati (+1)
SMU (+1)
Wake Forest (+1)

Dropped: Oklahoma State, UCF, Washington

Heisman Favorites

1. QB Jalen Hurts (Oklahoma)

Last Week (at Kansas) – 16/24 (66.7%), 228 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT // 10 carries, 56 yards (5.6 ypc), 2 TD // 1 catch, 21 yards

Season – 82/109 (75.2%), 1523 yards, 14 TD, 2 INT // 57 carries, 499 yards (8.8 ypc), 7 TD

Next Week – vs. #11 Texas (N)

2. QB Tua Tagovailoa (Alabama)

Last Week (BYE) – N/A

Season – 113/148 (76.4%), 1718 yards, 23 TD, 0 INT // 16 carries, 45 yards (2.8 ypc), 2 TD

Next Week – at #24 Texas A&M

3. QB Joe Burrow (LSU)

Last Week (vs. Utah State) – 27/38 (71.1%), 344 yards, 5 TD, 1 INT // 10 carries, 42 yards, 1 TD

Season – 127/162 (78.4%), 1864 yards, 22 TD, 3 INT // 29 carries, 62 yards (2.1 ypc), 2 TD

Next Week – vs. #7 Florida

4. RB Jonathan Taylor (Wisconsin)

Last Week (vs. Kent State) – 19 carries, 186 yards (9.8 ypc), 4 TD // 3 catches, 29 yards (9.7 ypc), 1 TD

Season – 103 carries, 745 yards (7.2 ypc), 12 TD // 12 catches, 114 yards (9.5 ypc), 4 TD

Next Week – vs. Michigan State

5. RB Chuba Hubbard (Oklahoma State)

Last Week (at Texas Tech) – 34 carries, 156 yards (4.6 ypc), 3 TD // 1 catch, 1 yard (1.0 ypc)

Season – 162 carries, 1094 yards (6.8 ypc), 13 TD // 5 catches, 22 yards (4.4 ypc)

Next Week – BYE

Honorable Mentions: Justin Fields, Sam Ehlinger, Justin Herbert, Anthony Gordon