Week 4 is done and with it we had some great ranked match-ups including Auburn defeating Texas A&M on the road and Georgia holding on to win over Notre Dame in Athens.

There were also some crazy results like Washington State giving up 50 points in 19 minutes to UCLA to blow a 32 point lead.

Here are the Post-Week 4 Overreactions, Tier List, Heisman Favorites and more!


First, let’s revisit some from last week:

ALABAMA’S RUN GAME IS AWFUL! – Najee Harris had 110 yards on 14 carries (7.9 ypc) and Brian Robinson had 4.9 ypc. The team had 176 yards rushing with 5.0 ypc. It’s fine.

AUBURN’S RUN GAME IS SOLVED! – Auburn’s running backs did not perform well against A&M. Actual running backs only had 23 carries for 83 yards. At the end of the third quarter, they had 23 yards, so most of that yardage was just trying to run the clock out.

Now to this week:

RANKINGS SHOULD COME OUT AFTER WEEK 4! – I do agree with this, but would they really be any different? Georgia and LSU have cases to be ranked #1, they had been good and had wins over top 10 (at the time) teams. Auburn has beaten two top 20 teams. Oklahoma, Alabama and Ohio State have dominated lesser teams and Clemson has been alright, beating an A&M team that was looked at as good along with Syracuse.

How would teams be ranked if we didn’t have any numbers before their names going into this week?

The top 6 is the same then I think it should have been Auburn moving to 7, Florida to 8, Texas to 9, Wisconsin to 10 (or maybe switch Wisconsin/Texas due to quality of win) but Wisconsin moves to 8, Florida at 9, Notre Dame at 10.

If no one were ranked, I would probably put teams like this based on actual wins and name brand (which I do think factors into it):

1. Georgia
2. LSU
3. Alabama
4. Clemson
5. Ohio State
6. Oklahoma

We’ll see how much movement there is among the bottom part of the rankings.

If the playoff rankings came out now, I’d imagine it’d be something like this:

1. Georgia
2. LSU
3. Clemson
4. Alabama
5. Auburn
6. Wisconsin
7. Ohio State
8. Oklahoma
9. Florida
10. Texas, Notre Dame or Penn State

SEE? UCF IS GARBAGE AFTER ALL! – Let’s not go too far. UCF has still had an incredible run. Let’s not forget that Clemson lost to Pitt by 1 point and turned around and won the national championship. I don’t like UCF’s championship claims more than anyone else, but I do agree with the overall point they are trying to make. They are held to a perfection standard that no one else is because of being a lower classification team. Yet in the last three years, their losses are to LSU (who is looking like one of the best teams in the country) and Pitt on the road. They also have wins over Pitt, Stanford, Maryland and Auburn.

In their current form, I think they could compete in the ACC, Pac-12 and be a mid-tier team in the other three conferences. I think there is still something there and I hope they don’t drop out of things completely. We could still see them playing in a New Year’s Six bowl.

Tier List

Note – the teams are listed in alphabetical order, not a ranking, under any given tier.

S Tier

Ohio State

A+ Tier

Texas (+1)

A Tier

Notre Dame
Penn State
UCF (-1)

A- Tier

Boise State
Michigan (-2)
Oklahoma State
Utah (-2)

Dropped: Arizona State, Texas A&M, Washington State

Heisman Favorites

1. QB Jalen Hurts (Oklahoma)

Jalen was off, but he is still my #1.

2. QB Tua Tagovailoa (Alabama)

Tua had his second straight week of throwing for 5 touchdowns. He is now at 17 touchdowns with no interceptions.

3. QB Joe Burrow (LSU)

Joe Burrow is still dominant. 25/34 for 398 yards, 6 touchdowns and no interceptions. Through four games he is completing 80.6% of his passes for 17 touchdowns and 2 interceptions (and the second most yards int he country).

4. QB Justin Herbert (Oregon)

Went 19/24 for 259 yards and 3 touchdowns with no interceptions. Overall he has completed 74.4% of his passes for 14 touchdowns and no picks.

5. RB Jonathan Taylor (Wisconsin)

Taylor went off against Michigan. He is only #9 overall in rushing but they have already had an off week. He’s averaging 7.6 yards per carry on the season with 58 carries for 440 yards and the second most touchdowns with 7 behind Chuba Hubbard’s 9.

He had 23 carries for 208 yards (8.8 ypc) and two touchdowns against a good Michigan defense. He’s rushed for over 100 yards in every game so far this season.

Honorable Mentions: Sam Ehlinger, Chuba Hubbard, Anthony Gordon