The regular season is over and with it, we have our four-team playoff. Did the right four teams get in? Who will win the Heisman trophy this coming weekend?

Here are the week 15 College Football Overreactions, Playoff Rankings, Heisman Favorites!


THE PLAYOFF IS FINE AT FOUR TEAMS! – I still disagree with this, although I do think the four best/most deserving teams are in the playoff.

This year it worked out, and some times it does, but there are times it clearly hasn’t and there are always situations where one play or one game could totally change the landscape of the playoffs. Just because there isn’t chaos and a debate every year (like this year) doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be cause for concern.

I still think that eight is the perfect number. If you had the five conference champs and the best three at-large teams, according to the current rankings it would be:

1) LSU (SEC Champ) vs. 8) Wisconsin (At-Large)
4) Oklahoma (Big 12 Champ) vs. 5) Georgia (At-Large)

2) Ohio State (Big Ten Champ) vs. 7) Baylor (At-Large)
3) Clemson (ACC Champ) vs. 6) Oregon (Pac-12 Champ)

However, without a doubt, I know the three at-large teams would be different if they did have to choose two more. Oregon could have been left back a little bit with the automatic bid, and we just saw Georgia/Wisconsin get beat up in a neutral site game and Baylor lost a tough one to Oklahoma (but for the second time).

I don’t know who they would choose differently than Georgia/Wisconsin/Baylor but I would think maybe Florida would have a better chance (only losses to Georgia/LSU). I think Georgia would still be in, so you’d have to ask about too many SEC teams. I think Auburn has a good argument despite having 3-losses and maybe even Alabama (since they would probably be favored on a neutral field over everyone 5-12 ahead of them.

I would personally do this:

1) LSU (SEC Champ) vs. 8) Baylor (At-Large)
4) Oklahoma (Big 12 Champ) vs. 5) Oregon (Pac-12 Champ)

2) Ohio State (Big Ten Champ) vs. 7) Florida (At-Large)
3) Clemson (ACC Champ) vs. 6) Georgia (At-Large)

I will admit, this is a tough year to fit teams in to those final three spots because the top 4 are clearly the best/most deserving.

ARKANSAS AND MISSOURI MADE TERRIBLE HIRES COMPARED TO OLE MISS! – Sure the Lane Train is more of a sure thing (at least when it comes to his on-the-field coaching), but I will say that I am cautiously optimistic with Sam Pittman at Arkansas.

I’ve always said that one thing holding Gus Malzahn back is his lack of building a good offensive line in his tenure as head coach at Auburn. He had a line full of redshirt seniors this year and still Bo Nix didn’t a great O-Line in front of him. The offensive line is half of the offense, so if you are going to be an offensive guru, you have to know a position that makes up half of your offense. It’s not just QB/RB/WR. If Sam Pittman can build up a good front five and win the battle in the trenches, think of how that could help the development of potential quarterbacks and other skill players. So I will hold my judgment on Pittman if he can build a good front 5 to help out.

Eli Drinkwitz is a name most people probably don’t know but people definitely know the success of Appalachian State. He didn’t create that success, but he kept it going en route to a Sun Belt title and a 12-1 season where they will go to the New Orleans Bowl to face UAB.

Jon’s Playoff Rankings

Here is how I would have ranked things after it’s all said and done.

1. LSU (12-0) (Actual: 1)
2. Ohio State (12-0) (Actual: 2)
3. Clemson (12-0) (Actual: 3)
4. Oklahoma (Actual: 4)
5. Georgia (Actual: 5)
6. Florida (Actual: 9)
7. Penn State (Actual: 10)
8. Alabama (Actual: 13)
9. Auburn (Actual: 12)
10. Wisconsin (Actual: 8)
11. Oregon (Actual: 6)
12. Baylor (Actual: 7)
13. Utah (Actual: 11)
14. Michigan (Actual: 14)
15. Memphis (Actual: 17)

I don’t completely disagree with the rankings until it gets to the high single digits in which I would take both Alabama and Auburn (and even Florida/Penn State) over Wisconsin, Baylor, Oregon and Utah. I think all four of those showed they are a little overrated (Wisconsin/Baylor/Utah all by losing this past weekend and Oregon for losing to Arizona State a couple of weeks ago (plus they lost to Auburn).

Auburn beat #6 Oregon and #13 Alabama and only lost to teams ranked #1, #5, and #9. Oregon lost to that Auburn team and lost to unranked Arizona State with only beating that #11 Utah and #22 USC team.

Jon’s Heisman Ballot

1. QB Joe Burrow (LSU) (will get invited to NYC)
2. QB Jalen Hurts (Oklahoma) (will get invited to NYC)
3. RB Jonathan Taylor (Wisconsin) (probably won’t get invited to NYC)

4. QB Justin Fields (Ohio State) (might get invited)
5. DL Derrick Brown (Auburn) (won’t get invited)

Honorable Mentions: Tua Tagovailoa, Chase Young, Chuba Hubbard, Justin Herbert, Anthony Gordon