Not the way Alabama fans wanted the season to end, but alas – Auburn wins the Iron Bowl for the second time in three years and Nick Saban continues to struggle against the Tigers when they have a good record.

The Game, the Iron Bowl, a bizarre end to the Egg Bowl and so many other great rivalry games led to a solid final weekend of the regular season!

Here are the week 14 College Football Overreactions, Playoff Rankings, Heisman Favorites!


ALABAMA’S REIGN IS DONE! – Let’s backup for a minute. This season is the first in a long time that Alabama hasn’t been in championship contention and the first ever they haven’t made the college football playoff, but this is one year they haven’t been fighting at the top of the mountain. It’s the first year since 2010 they have gone into conference championship week without a chance to still make it in (even in 2013 there was an outside chance).

That’s a pretty remarkable run, but it will take a few years of not competing for the SEC and college football playoff to call their reign done.

LSU, OHIO STATE AND CLEMSON ARE LOCKS! – I’m only going say that LSU and Ohio State are for now. While I think Clemson is still worthy of getting in at 12-1, I don’t know that the committee will keep them if Utah and Oklahoma win unless they basically split the vote enough that Clemson sneaks in.

Also, if Georgia wins, then I don’t know that Clemson will make it because that only leaves one spot for Clemson/Utah/Big-12 winner.

As it stands right now, I think LSU and Ohio State are in no matter what. Clemson should win and be the third team. Then it goes like this:

Georgia wins – they are in over everyone else

LSU wins, Utah wins – Utah will probably be in

LSU wins, Oregon wins – Winner of Oklahoma/Baylor will be in

I personally think Oklahoma should be next in line behind Georgia. Utah has only played one AP ranked team and they lost (#24 USC). They would have a win over #13 Oregon. Oklahoma has a win over #8 Baylor and will have yet another win over #8 Baylor should they win. I know it’s the same team, but it’s a higher ranked team that they have beaten twice.

Also Oklahoma has wins over teams that are just outside the top 25 in #28 Oklahoma State and #31 Iowa State who are both ranked ahead the next highest Pac-12 teams and their loss is to Kansas State who is just outside the top 25 too (#28).

Jon’s Playoff Rankings

1. LSU (12-0) – locked in

2. Ohio State (12-0) – locked in

3. Clemson (12-0) – most likely locked in

4. Georgia (11-1) – will be in with a win, out with a loss

5. Oklahoma (11-1) – I think they should be in with a win and a Georgia loss, but probably need a Utah loss

6. Utah (11-1) – most likely in with a win and a Georgia loss, an Oklahoma loss as well would lock them in with a win.

7. Alabama (10-2) – out

8. Baylor (11-1) – most likely in with a win plus a Utah/Georgia loss

9. Florida (10-2) – out

10. Wisconsin (10-2) – out, even with a win over Ohio State

11. Auburn (9-3) – out

Heisman Favorites

1. QB Joe Burrow (LSU) (will get invited to NYC)
2. QB Jalen Hurts (Oklahoma) (will get invited to NYC)
3. QB Justin Fields (Ohio State) (will get invited to NYC)
4. RB Jonathan Taylor (Wisconsin) (probably won’t get invited)
5. DE Chase Young (Ohio State) (might get invited)

Honorable Mentions: Tua Tagovailoa, Chuba Hubbard, Justin Herbert, Anthony Gordon