Upcoming High School Championship Events

Not only are we getting ready for the playoffs in football, but we are nearing the championship events for multiple sports this fall.


First up is the volleyball state championships, which will be held at the Birmingham Crossplex this Wednesday and Thursday (October 28-29). I’ll be out there directing the broadcast along with Aaron Daniel and Tim Melton with Jerry Young on the mic doing play by play.

Here is the schedule (and brackets) for the volleyball state finals:

Class 7A
Class 6A
Class 5A
Class 4A
Class 3A
Class 2A
Class 1A

The tournament will be played out on Wednesday until the final match. Then the championships will start on Wednesday. The broadcast schedule is as follows:

8:00am – 3A Final
10:00am – 7A Final
12:00pm – 6A Final
2:00pm – 4A Final
4:00pm – 5A Final
6:00pm – 1A Final
8:00pm – 2A Final

We’ll have all of the action on the NFHSNetwork starting at 8 am. I’ll also be tweeting from the event live over on the @ALPreps account to keep everyone updated.

Cross Country

Unfortunately we won’t be broadcasting the cross country championships this year. This event was cut from our schedule, so we won’t be bringing it to you. I won’t be able to keep up with it via @ALPreps either.

The event is November 14 at Oakville Indian Mounds Park in Moulton, AL.


We aren’t doing diving this year, but we will bring you the swimming finals. Not sure on the actual schedule yet, but the event will be on Saturday, December 5. That is the Saturday of the SEC title game.

The swimming championships will be broadcast live from Auburn University’s James E. Martin Aquatic Center. In the past, the event has started around 1-2 pm, so I would assume it will be similar this year.

I will be keeping things up to date on @ALPreps, and the stream will be live on the NFHS Network. I will post the link when it’s live.


The Super 7 is in Tuscaloosa this year at Bryant-Denny Stadium. It will take place December 2-4. The games won’t be broadcast on the NFHS Network (unless a school does it), but it should be on Fox 6’s stream.

I will be live at the Super 7 for every single game, starting Wednesday night with the 7A championship. The schedule is as follows:

Class 7A – Wednesday, December 2 @ 7 pm

Class 3A – Thursday, December 3 @ 11 pm
Class 1A – Thursday, December 3 @ 3 pm
Class 5A – Thursday, December 3 @ 7 pm

Class 4A – Friday, December 4 @ 11 pm
Class 2A – Friday, December 4 @ 3 pm
Class 6A – Friday, December 4 @ 7 pm

For more info about the Super 7 you can visit the official site of the event here.

I will be tweeting live from the event on @ALPreps.

And that’s it for the fall championships! Two of the four (Volleyball and Swimming) will be broadcast live with myself, Jerry Young, Aaron Daniel, and Tim Melton. Then I will be live at the Super 7 in Tuscaloosa with updates for every game. The schedule has been cut back a little bit this year, but between myself and the rest of the crew we will try to bring you as much of the action as we can.

If you have any questions about the championship event schedule for 2015-16, contact me at @ALPreps and I will pass along all the info I know or where you can find it.