The virtual BCS sucks too

So anyone who is a real fan of college football is 100% against the Bowl Championship Series (BCS). It pretty much takes the not two best teams in the country and pits them against each other while giving a middle finger to every other school, and a second middle finger to any school that is not a part of the SEC, Big 10, Pac-12, Big 12, ACC, or Big East. This has been the case for many years now, and it’s debatable even when two undefeated teams meet, that the right two have met just because of where they come from.

So last Tuesday, I went and bought NCAA 2012. Being from Alabama, and about to graduate with a degree from the University of Alabama – I had to buy it since the school’s only Heisman winner ever was on the cover in Mark Ingram. I purchase the game and decided to create my own team. I made my high school team from 2004 when we won the second of our two state championships. I was a senior at the time, and all but 4 of our starters were juniors, so I knew I would have a good team for two years in a dynasty.

I started a dynasty with my custom team, the Homewood Patriots, and added them to the SEC. I had to remove a team from the NCAA in order to do so, so I got rid of Vanderbilt because they only pretend to play football just to please the NCAA. I added Homewood to the SEC, along with TCU, Texas A&M, Georgia Tech, and Florida State. I also made a 16-team super conference out of the Pac-12 (from the Big 12 and non-BCS), the Big-10 (from the Big 12 and the Big East), and the ACC (by adding from the Big East). So basically, how things might have turned out last summer had things erupted, plus with some personal opinions.

I play through my season as an offensive coordinator (you only play offense, and defense is simulated), and somehow my dumb ass defense never stops Mississippi State once when we play them, so even though I score on all my possessions, I lose by 3. However, I turn around then, and beat Ohio State and Texas A&M, along with beating Oregon and Stanford who were both in the top 5 when I beat them, and the rest of the SEC including Alabama, Auburn, Florida, LSU, and more. I go on to win the SEC West, and then the overall SEC Championship after beating Georgia Tech for a second time.

When it comes time to pick bowls and rank teams to see who is #1 and #2, Ohio State and Texas A&M go to the championship, while I’m left out. Just look at these pictures, and tell me how this makes sense in the least, especially when Texas A&M has two losses, and didn’t even make the SEC title game, and I hold the head to head tiebreak over both.

Needless to say, I didn’t jump right back into the second season for my dynasty. I need some time to cool off from BCS rage before I go back. I can just imagine how a conversation with EA and the BCS went:

BCS: “Does our formula work?”
EA: “Nope.”
BCS: “Perfect.”