The Midnight Meltdown

The Midnight Meltdown was the radio show and media project developed by Flux Media founder Jon Lunceford and his two fellow sports nerds, Tim Melton and Aaron Daniel. What started out as a fun project turned into a serious radio show garnering the interest of many people in the Birmingham market and abroad with listeners calling and emailing in from places such as Los Angeles, Baton Rouge, Chicago, and yes, even our soldiers in Afghanistan.

The Meltdown was used as a project to determine the different types of listeners there were in the younger and older generations alike. The show was the first on the station to make use of social media as a vital part of how the hosts interacted with the listeners. Jon and company used the show as a platform to understand that there is a large group of sports fans out there that are also into the latest technology. With a small budget, the show pulled in listeners, a bigger social media presence than any other show, and also advertisers became interested in it making it.

Flux Media emerged from the ideas that the Midnight Meltdown used as a show and the success it saw with the up and coming market. The ideas that the show used to grow in the digital realm showed that stations don’t need to be scared to jump in to the digital world, but rather need to jump in head first.

You can hear some of the Midnight Meltdown below:

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