I’ve been keeping a running tab on my favorite movies of all time, but there is a lot of quality television out there right now that is competing with some of the greatest series of our lifetime. Here are my top 10 shows of all-time and some honorable mentions that are absolutely outstanding as well.

I also give my best seasons that each show has done and my favorite episode. The episode number is the season and number show in that season, so “Episode 304” is season 3, episode 4.

1. Westworld (HBO)

Even though we were all so desperate to figure out the twists and turns, they still managed to surprise us in each season so far. This show is executed perfectly. If it was just one season, I still would easily have it ranked #1. The second season took us on a crazy ride but in the end, it still impressed and only helped solidify the show as the single greatest story I have ever watched unfold on a screen. Season 3 is set to be absolutely amazing and game-changing.

Best Season – 1
Best Episode – “Trompe L’Oeil” (Episode 107)

2. Black Mirror (Channel 4/Netflix)

This is a little different since it is an anthology series, but every single one of them is so well done. It asks so many questions about how we might treat things if technology continues to evolve at the pace that it is going and how we treat different social issues in this new technical world. If you want to check out Black Mirror, I highly recommend you follow my definitive guide on how to consume the series. You can jump around if you’d like because each episode is a unique story.

Best Season – 4
Best Episode – “San Junipero” (Episode 304)

3. The Sopranos (HBO)

I’m not a huge fan of mob based dramas overall in television or movies, but The Sopranos was extremely well done and it just sucked you in to the world they lived in.

Best Season – 4
Best Episode – “Whitecaps” (Episode 413)

4. Breaking Bad (AMC)

A great series that didn’t end on a cliffhanger like The Sopranos did. It was wrapped up in a neat bow – but that wasn’t a bad thing. Easily the best cable show of all time and it’s not even close.

Best Season – 5
Best Episode – “Ozymandias” (Episode 514)

5. Game of Thrones (HBO)

I didn’t get into Game of Thrones until right after season 6. I took a week off from work the week before Christmas and watched literally every episode in that week. 60 hours binged in one week. I really enjoyed it and loved season seven. Season 8 has been really good to me so far. I don’t understand all of the hate, but we’ll see how it all ends up.

Best Season – 6
Best Episode – “The Door” (Episode 605)

6. Stranger Things (Netflix)

Season 2 was phenomenal just like season 1. People may not like it quite as much because it is just a flat out continuation and the “new” has worn off, but I highly recommend it still.

Best Season – 1
Best Episode – “Chapter Seven: The Bathtub” (Episode 107)

7. The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu)

This is an outstanding show and the first Hulu original that really wowed me. I’ll be interested to see how it continues to grow. It won 8 Emmy awards for season 1 and for good reason. It’s incredibly well done, and gives a great look at a crazy, chaotic future where a totalitarian, Christian theonomic government has taken over the United States. Season 2 kept the momentum going and season three looks great.

Best Season – 1
Best Episode – “Night” (Episode 110)

8. Rick and Morty (Adult Swim)

This show could make an argument for one of the greatest TV shows ever. It’s not for everyone, but it’s an incredibly smart show that is incredibly stupid at the same time. On the surface it looks like a goofy cartoon spoof on Back to the Future, but it is one of the deepest shows on television. I hope Rick and Morty never goes away, even though there is clearly a story being told that will one day come to an end. If you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend going to the beginning and watching all the way through to get caught up for whenever season 4 comes out.

Best Season – 2
Best Episode – “The Ricklantis Mixup” (Episode 307)

9. The Office (NBC)

A great show that lasted for a long time. I loved everything about The Office and all of the characters on it.

Best Season – 3
Best Episode – “Fun Run” (Episode 401)

10. Family Guy (FOX)

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am obsessed with Family Guy and can quote nearly every episode from heart. However, my obsession doesn’t mean I think it’s better than the shows listed above. It’s just different, so it’s hard to compare it to a show with really deep messages and shows that make you think.

Best Season – 2
Best Episode – “To Love and Die in Dixie” (Episode 312)

Honorable Mention (alphabetical order)

Adventure Time (Cartoon Network)
Better Call Saul (AMC)
Billions (Showtime)
Eastbound and Down (HBO)
Futurama (FOX/Comedy Central)
House (FOX)
House of Cards (Netflix)
The Leftovers (HBO)
Mr. Robot (USA)
The Newsroom (HBO)
Silicon Valley (HBO)
The X-Files (FOX)

But what about __________?

The Wire – Never watched it

Mad Men – Didn’t do it for me

Seinfeld – Was good, not amazing to me

Friends – Was good, not amazing to me

The Simpsons – Really like it, but not as much as the others. I’m on the Family Guy side of the aisle.

South Park – Like it, but still on the Family Guy side of things

Saturday Night Live – Hard to count live stuff like that, similar to not counting something like Monday Night Raw

Friday Night Lights – The movie was better….fight me on it

Lost – Never got into it

The Americans – Never got into it

The Walking Dead – Don’t like zombies/horror stuff

These are all shows people have asked me about. See something else that isn’t on the list? Let me know why I should watch it on Twitter @jlunce.