The first week of unemployment

So this week has actually been kind of busy for someone who doesn’t have a job. After graduation on Saturday, Sunday was my resting day. Then Monday I had to unpack all of my stuff and over Monday/Tuesday set everything up in my room at home as well as find places to put all my crap I had in my apartment. I also had some things to do over the week at night in celebration of graduation. I ate at Fleming’s last night (which is the best steakhouse in the world by the way) as well as lots of family stuff over the past few days.

Each night, once I settle down and just have a little me time – I’ve spent most of it working on stuff for @vVv_Gaming and playing League of Legends or Starcraft 2. I’m really getting into Starcraft now. I’m 17-10 so far in this season, which is amazing for me. I’m also playing League of Legends with my team that only has 4 people now. We always get stuck with a stupid 5th, but so far it’s me, @zsta2k7, @tylermakesmusic, and @rgoldmine and we are actually not bad. We’re about .500 right now, and all hovering around level 15. It’s fun, but sometimes really annoying. We’re just playing for fun though, so it’s not too bad.

I’m heading to NYC next week, and I’m looking forward to a nice vacation before I have to hit the ground running the week after that. I only have two tasks once I get back from NYC. 1) Begin on the new project I’m working on with vVv Gaming, and 2) Find a job. I really want to relocate somewhere up north like Chicago or New York, so hopefully something will pop up that interests me in one of those places that I can shoot for.

I’m looking forward to it.

Also, only three weeks until football season. Get hype.

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Jon Lunceford is a sports media broadcaster and digital professional. Jon is a graduate of the University of Alabama school of journalism, and played football at Birmingham-Southern College. He has also won two AHSAA Football State Championships while at Homewood High School and was a two-time World Cyber Games Team USA representative. He currently hosts Primetime on WJOX 94.5 and runs the high school athletics site JoxPreps.