Shirtless in Lambeau? Let’s do it

While sitting at work today, I was listening to the Roundtable, which I often do since it’s the best show in all of radio and I now work for the company that it’s under. They were talking about paying someone $25,000 to stand in the cold somewhere like Lambeau Field in Green Bay, shirtless with “I love Brett Favre” on their chest.

It made me think back to February 4, 2001 when the Memphis Maniax came to town to take on the Birmingham Thunderbolts in the first ever XFL game. It was the weekend after my birthday, and my parents had gotten me and all of my friends tickets to the game as a present. We all thought the XFL was the coolest thing ever, getting to watch an extreme version of our favorite game, with some of the great names we grew up with, such as Jay Barker, Curtis Alexander, James Bostic, Quincy Jackson and more.

I had four friends coming to the game, so we decided to paint our chests to say “BOLTS”. We gathered at my house to paint up and get ready for the game. I decided to paint my own chest, and I was the S at the end of the word. I turned to the mirror to paint my S, and sure enough, that S turned into an awkward looking Z.

So there I stood, in the freezing cold in February at Legion Field, watching Birmingham lose to Memphis, with my backward S. Despite all of that, it was still a fun time and despite having gone to over 100 Alabama games (I’ve counted), and countless NASCAR races and NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL games, that is still one of the most fun times I’ve had at a sporting event.

So would I do it again for $25k? You bet I would. Granted, Lambeau is a hell of a lot colder than Legion Field. Regardless, I’d paint up, and bundle everywhere that wasn’t my torso, and cheer with the rest of the cheese heads.

What else would I do for $25k or any amount of money? The list is probably pretty long. It’s not that I have no shame, it’s just that the memories (such as those of the Bolts game) are worth the money and slight bit of humiliation and small timeframe to freeze in. I always said the people who painted their chest at cold games in the fall/winter are stupid, but I’ll do stupid things for $25,000.

Just ask the Boltz.