Samsung SSD Brand Campaign

In 2010, Samsung Electronics launched a new line of solid state drives (SSD) into the market. For the first time, a 512 GB sized SSD was available to consumers and the market Samsung wanted to hit were gamers and content creators. Samsung, in partnership with the World Cyber Games, saw what Flux had done with GameNation, and asked them to help use that expertise to help develop and oversee a campaign to market to the demographics they wanted.

Flux Media founder Jon Lunceford traveled the country representing Samsung as a brand ambassador pushing the product for gaming and video editing enthusiasts alike. After showing off the product at major conferences and events like the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and at gaming events in New York, Los Angeles, and more, Jon was able to successfully push a marketing campaign out there that helped move the product once they became available for the public.

We were able to effectively use social media via Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to promote the product and gain interest in it during the campaign. The events we were able to attend and work with included:

– World Cyber Games National Final, Universal Studios Hollywood
– World Cyber Games World Final, Los Angeles Convention Center
– Dustoff WCG Shootout, New York City Samsung Experience
– San Diego Comic-con
– Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas Convention Center


WCG Samsung SSD Starcraft 2 Show Match

WCG Grand Final Samsung SSD and MD230 Showcase featuring Dirt 2

CES Samsung SSD and Guild Wars 2 Demonstration

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Jon Lunceford is a sports media broadcaster and digital professional. Jon is a graduate of the University of Alabama school of journalism, and played football at Birmingham-Southern College. He has also won two AHSAA Football State Championships while at Homewood High School and was a two-time World Cyber Games Team USA representative. He currently hosts Primetime on WJOX 94.5 and runs the high school athletics site JoxPreps.