Welcome to my web portfolio. These are just a few of the websites I have created in the past few years, mostly on WordPress. WordPress has helped me learn basic HTML and PHP coding along the way to help create even better sites.


Zookery was a project I created in conjunction with Cox Media Group in Birmingham. It was part news site, and part entertainment/sports blog site. It’s basically a home for all of our radio stations to post up content because there was a need for one site to be a central location for the group on top of our current corporate run sites. On top of creating the site, I also wrote and edit for it as well.

My Buyer Market

A website built for a real estate client. The company has since ceased this program.

Crimson White

The Crimson White is the official newspaper on campus at the University of Alabama. It functions as the main source of news around campus when it comes to sporting events, the arts, and general happenings around Tuscaloosa/Northport for students to enjoy. I helped recreate their website (which was just a plain blog before) with one other guy, and we ran and maintained it for the time I was there. I also served as the online editor for the paper.


Picture 7

I created GameNation with some buddies of mine as a site for general gaming news, focused on competitive gaming within smaller, lesser known titles. We ran this site all throughout 2010, and were the official editorial partners of the World Cyber Games. Due to time constraints and pursuing other projects, we shut the site down in December of 2010.