NFL Picks Week 7

Decent week last week, and I think now that we’re getting to the half way point in the season – we can finally get a feel for some of the teams.

Some close lines to make for near straight up picks, but some pretty big ones too. The three big lines I have this week are hard picks, but probably the best ones to choose from. The Rams are bad, the Cowboys still have that guy Romo behind the wheel. I don’t think they can pull out a near 2 TD win. The Vikings are absolutely horrible, but I still think McNabb is the better choice at QB. I don’t blame them for trying to mix it up with Christian Ponder, but make the rookie have his first start against the Packers? Pretty weak move against a team that will likely have a chance to run the table.

The two AFC South games should be interesting. The Titans lost to the Jags in week 1, getting off to a slow start, before going on to beat the Ravens pretty good. Now the Ravens are looking like the best team in the AFC by a long shot, and are 8 point favorites on Monday night. The Jags are pretty bad, but the Titans are the wild card of the year so far, losing to the Jags, then getting routed by the Steelers – the same Steelers who were beat by the Ravens – the same Ravens that were beat by the Titans. Who knows. I still think the Titans can cover that field goal against Houston.

Without further ado, I go with Vegas on most of these – my week 7 picks:

Week 7

Bears -1 Buccaneers (24-18 Bears -6)
Panthers -2.5 Redskins (33-20 Pantehrs -13)
Cowboys -13 Rams (34-7 Cowboys -27)
Packers -9 Vikings (33-27 Packers -6)
Titans -3 Texans (41-7 Texans +34)

Ravens -8 Jaguars


Week 1: 4-1-1
Week 2: 3-2-1
Week 3: 4-2
Week 4: 2-4
Week 5: 3-3
Week 6: 4-2
Week 7: 3-2

Total: 23-16-2