NFL Picks Week 5

A bit of a rough week last week. I’ll blame the Bucs’ youth against the Colts for missing the Monday night game, and then I’ll blame Tony Romo for being quite possibly the biggest choke artist the NFL has ever seen when it comes to the Lions coming back and winning. It’s always Romo’s fault when they lose a game like that.

With that said, I will try to rebound this week. Still doing good overall, and that was my first bad week in the first four, so I’m doing ok. I need to make my picks on a Wednesday because I’ll be out of town this weekend, starting tomorrow morning.

This week sees Carolina in a serious test for Cam Newton, and whether his amazing stats can grab a decent win. I do think the Saints’ line is a bit high. The Bucs didn’t show me much this past Monday, but I also think the 49ers aren’t necessarily that great, but rather that the Eagles are just that bad. The Bills finally dropped a game last week, but I don’t know why the hell Philly is a 3 point favorite in their game. The Lions finally get tested I think this week in prime time, and I’m not saying they won’t win, but I’m thinking a 3-point game will be the best they can muster if they do win.

My Titans are finally looking good, and being a 3 point dog has to strictly be a home field advantage for the Steelers. I’m going to go with Tennessee in this one straight up, but definitely over the 3 point line. I’ll use the typically flawed logic of the fact that the Ravens handled the Steelers, then the Titans handled the Ravens after that, and haven’t let up yet. Outside of that, the one line I’ll agree with Vegas on is the Packers at -6 over the Falcons. Atlanta has the weapons, but just can’t get the points on the board, and while Julio is playing well, Roddy White is only playing average, which isn’t good enough. Their defense needs some help as well.

Basically, I’m telling Vegas they are stupid this week. Let’s see if I’m right…

Week 5

Saints -6.5 Panthers (30-27 Saints -3)
Eagles -3 Bills (31-24 Bills +7)
49ers -3 Buccaneers (48-3 49ers -45)
Steelers -3 Titans (38-17 Steelers -21)
Packers -6 Falcons (25-14 Packers -11)

Lions -5.5 Bears (24-13 Lions -11)

Week 1: 4-1-1
Week 2: 3-2-1
Week 3: 4-2
Week 4: 2-4
Week 5: 3-3

Total: 16-12-2