NFL Picks – Week 2

So Week 1 went fairly good. After a solid performance, it’s time to see if teams can put up the numbers in Week 2 to get things rolling in the season, and also see if teams like the Saints and Falcons can bounce back, along with teams like the Bears and Ravens trying to be as impressive this week as they were last week. Once again, I pick by the lines on Thursday’s and the lines are as of now from

Here are my picks:

Week 2

Saints -6.5 Bears (30-13 Saints -17)
Ravens -6 Titans (26-12 Titans +13)
Cowboys -3 49ers (27-24 Cowboys -3 PUSH)
Eagles -2.5 Falcons
Patriots -7 Chargers (35-21 Patriots -14)

Giants -6 Rams (Monday)

Week 1: 4-1-1
Week 2: 3-2-1

Overall: 7-3-2