No, I didn’t misspell the title. Well, I actually did, but it was on purpose. For “lulz” we always call MineCraft, Mindcraft instead. This game, for those of you that don’t know, is like the most pointless, yet addicting game ever. You basically spawn into a world of blocks, and these blocks make up mountains, rivers, forests, and all kinds of neat stuff. This world is yours for the taking. You can mine (imagine that!) and then use the materials you gather from mining to build houses, castles, or whatever you want.

Part of what makes this game so addicting is that you are free to do literally whatever you want. We made a server about a month ago with a a few guys, and we basically just create our own world inside the server. It started with me and Tyler making a castle into the side of a mountain, and it has grown into around four of us just making all kinds of random stuff.

I’m the only one who actually plays it a lot now. I think everyone else got bored with it, but it’s the perfect thing to do to entertain yourself during a boring meeting, or instead of doing your homework. Wait…always do your homework and pay attention in meetings. Minecraft will be here for you when you get home. Just because I do it instead of work, doesn’t mean you have to. But hey, who will maintain our city from a zombie attack when it gets dark? (Yes, zombies spawn when it gets dark, so make sure to make yourself a sword).

It sounds too boring and simple to be addicting and fun, right? You’d be surprised. The best part is – the game is only in a beta stage. They are adding things all the time while trying to make it ready to “launch” for real. It costs around $20 now, and you can get it from the official Minecraft website. You can play in your browser, or download a copy of the game to your desktop.

Here are a few of our creations so far: