League of Legends World Championships: Day 2 Fantasy Targets

Day one is in the books, and we are moving on to the second day of the League of Legends World Championships in Paris, France.

Day one had a few surprises in it both in terms of upsets and in fantasy performances. North America started off strong as they went 2-0 against the LMS from Taiwan. Cloud 9 came out of nowhere and played amazing against ahq, while CLG struggled and had to come back to beat Flash Wolves.

Korea dominated as was expected, but KOO really came out to play against paiN Gaming. KOO ended up posting huge fantasy numbers as well, while SKT didn’t, despite a huge win. A fast win doesn’t necessarily mean a great fantasy day, and that is a major difference between other sports and gaming – games can be over fast in gaming with no actual clock counting down.

Now that day one is in the books, here are some fantasy targets for day two. We see four new teams jump in, including LGD Gaming from China and KT Rolster from Korea. Also in Group D along with those two teams is Team SoloMid from America and new roster Origen from Europe.

Prices have fluctuated like crazy, so let’s look at the top targets and their prices for day two.


Ssumday, KT Rolster – $6,900

Everyone has pointed to Ssumday as being the best top player in the entire tournament. He gets to start off against a veteran in Dyrus. This match-up could work well for Ssumday because Dyrus doesn’t usually have the best K/D, despite being a solid player for his team. Ssumday was the summer season MVP in Korea and also had the highest KDA. This is a must for anyone picking a team on day two as his price is way too low.

Smeb, KOO Tigers – $6,700

Smeb was a top pick on day one, and he should be on day two as well. They are playing a better team in Flash Wolves who gave CLG fits, but Smeb played well on day one, so there is no reason not to get him on day two when he’s cheaper.

Day 1: 4/2/13; 42.46 points

Acorn, LGD Gaming – $6,500

LGD is one of the favorites coming in and Acorn is among the best top players in the event. He starts off against sOAZ from Origen, a match-up that he should win, but may not be the biggest blowout of the day. He is priced well, so he might be a good flex pick up.

Value Pick: Dyrus, Team SoloMid – $4,700

Why not? He’s cheap, and he knows how to play on the world stage. Should TSM win this game? Of course not, but Cloud 9 wasn’t supposed to win either and they played amazing. If you want to go with experience and the possibility of a good game, then take the risk with a cheap pick like Dyrus.


Clearlove, Edward Gaming – $6,200

Clearlove did great on day one, and there is no reason not to pick him on day two. EDG gets H2k in a game that should be another easy enough win. Clearlove is involved in a lot of kills, and gets you a decent amount of points, beating out most other junglers on day one.

Day 1: 2/0/10, 29.18 points

Hojin, KOO Tigers – $6,000

Hojin, along with all of KOO, played a dominating performance on day one against paiN Gaming. Hojin ended up with as much CS as his mid player (tying for the lead in the game) and was involved in 19 of the team’s 23 kills. It gets a little harder with Flash Wolves, but he is worth the price.

Day 1: 5/0/14, 46.9 points

Value Pick: Karsa, Flash Wolves – $4,300

Karsa played well on day one against CLG. He ended up with a decent stat line and comes in at a decent price for day two. They are playing KOO, so that is something to be wary of, but still not a terrible budget pick for a jungler.

Day 1: 3/1/4


Pobelter, Counter-Logic Gaming – $7,800

Perhaps a little pricey, Pobelter wouldn’t be a bad option if you’ve got the money for him. CLG takes on paiN, which should be a decently easy win for them. Pobelter didn’t die at all in their game against Flash Wolves, even though it was a close one. Look for another decent game tomorrow.

Day 1: 3/0/7

KurO, KOO Tigers – $7,600

If KurO does even half as good on day two as he did on day one, he is worth the price. He ended up with 54.98 points in their win over paiN, and he could do the same tomorrow against Flash Wolves. He’s also much better priced than Faker or GODV who are both over $8,000.

Day 1: 7/0/13, 54.98 points

Value Pick: Bjergsen, Team SoloMid – $5,700

Bjergsen is the one player that will have to help carry TSM to a win tomorrow. His match-up against Nagne could prove to be a deciding point, so if you want a budget pick that could possibly do something tomorrow, this is definitely it. He would be a good flex play.


PraY, KOO Tigers – $8,300

A strong performer on day one, PraY took care of business going 7/1/11 and picking up a huge 49.7 points. It will be a little harder on day two, but he could be worth the money.

Day 1: 7/1/11, 49.7 points

imp, LGD Gaming – $8,200

One of the members of last year’s championship team, Samsung Galaxy White, imp is now in China and helping lead LGD into Worlds. imp is a strong play if you have the money for him, but is a bit pricey (for a good reason). He has a favorable match-up against Niels from Origen.

Deft, Edward Gaming – $7,900

Deft had a good game along with the rest of EDG. He ended up 7/1/4 in the win over BKT and can be a playmaker again.

Day 1: 7/1/4

Value Pick: WildTurtle, Team SoloMid – $5,300

Not to beat a dead horse here, but once again, if TSM shows up and plays well, WildTurtle will be at the forefront of that push to a victory. Definitely shouldn’t be your #1 ADC, but could be a decent flex pick if you need him.


Gorilla, KOO Tigers – $5,400

Gorilla put up over 36 points and his price went down. Definitely a worthy pickup in your support slot. He played great along with the rest of KOO and will play great tomorrow.

Day 1: 0/2/18, 36.62 points

Piccaboo, KT Rolster – $5,700
Pyl, LGD Gaming – $5,700

These guys are the same price, so I am putting them together. Piccaboo has the more favorable match-up against TSM, and he is an aggressive early game roamer. This leads to deaths sometimes too, so be wary of the high risk/high reward of picking him up.

Pyl is a good player, but he is made to look even better by playing with imp. That’s not to say he won’t be a good fantasy pick though because kills from imp means assists for Pyl.

Value Pick: SwordArt, Flash Wolves – $3,500

SwordArt played alright in their game against CLG. He will be going against the best in Gorilla on day two, but he might could still get some valuable assists. He played fairly aggressive and actually picked up a kill against CLG, so who knows what kind of points he might could get you.

Day 1: 1/2/6