It’s the most wonderful time of the year

So now that all football is in full swing, I am so giddy once Thursday night hits. Usually there is a game on Thursday nights for college (sometimes pro) that I can watch to get me in the spirit, then on Friday I begin prep work for calling high school games on Friday nights. On Saturday I am either in Tuscaloosa for the Alabama game, or glued to my TV watching every game there is around the Alabama game. Then on Sundays, after church, I come home and turn on CBS/FOX and let it rip until Sunday night on NBC, and then wash it all down with Monday Night Football.

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

However, in the time between football games, especially that long, dull week between the weekends – there comes a need to work to make a living. I was used to those days being spent in school, as the last 20 or so years have been. But now that I am done, I need to fill that with making money, not spending it. I started working on some freelance projects for some cash, and also working on some gaming stuff with GN and vVv. However, I have basically given both of those up now since I finally have some opportunities beginning to present themselves.

As for @vVv_Gaming, I have officially left the organization. However, I will maintain my role as a co-host to Jerry and Jason on the Loser’s Bracket. I feel it will be good to have some outside, and differing opinions (which was part of the point all along) on the show. I will also try to work on some content for their new eSports site, which will be awesome. However, I just don’t have the time to dedicate to running the whole operation as EIC.

As for @GoW_Nation, I officially “left” some time ago, but continue to maintain the website and servers for them. Even that will take a smaller role though as I won’t be able to spend all day working on stuff for it. There is a good staff behind it, led by Josh “Simburgur” Bishop, and others. They are going to make things work out great. Since I still own the servers and everything, I will still oversee that when I can. Zach “@zsta2k7” Wolters will be running GameNation now as strictly a tournament site, starting with the Gears 3 launch tournament “First Foray” and leading into many more cool things. You will still see me lurking through, posting shenanigans randomly on the forums though.

As for me now in gaming, I will do as much as I can, but no promises on a lot of things. I want to help produce some Gears content now that I have a capture card and pretty much stream every time I play. Gears 3 will be huge, but I will also be in to NHL 12, along with Skyrim when it comes out. I will have a lot less time to play, but I still will do some stuff. I have dedicated my Tuesday nights to the LB, and my Monday nights are taken as well. My days will be full of work, and I will also be working on some freelance projects through a new company (kinda) I started up to do some web/social media work for local businesses.

With that said – I’m looking forward to the next few months as Gears 3 comes out, GN does it’s awesome tournaments, and vVv launches their new website. Also as MLG finishes up it’s season, and we move into a new era of MLG next year, on top of WCG finishing what has been a very disappointing year.