I’m starting to have fun with Photoshop

So I’ve been trying my hand at Photoshop a lot lately. I’ve always had fun messing around with stuff, but I’ve been doing a lot more for the Meltdown and the station as a whole. It started with Alabama heading to Miami for the BCS championship, and now with signing day, but it’s just grown and grown and I’ve done a lot of good stuff. Here are some of my most recent creations, including a Meltdown wallpaper you can use for yourself!

You can always tell what I’ve had fun with, because it will crop up in multiple images. This time it’s grunge backgrounds and 3D text. I also have a couple of other things to put out, but I can’t because it’s for secret stuff that isn’t supposed to be announced yet, and I’d probably get in trouble.

The photos after the jump…