Welcome to me

So in all actuality, there are probably many other things I could be doing right now instead of making this blog. However, I don’t really care because I just kind of do what I want when I want to, but I’m sure one day that will bite me in the ass.

For now, I’ve made this little site. Like I said on Twitter, “I need a place to vent my evil thoughts.” So here we are!

It’s not really a place to vent my evil thoughts, but I have been wanting a place to just call my own for a while. I’ve created dozens of websites, but all so something else other than my thoughts could be written there. I have a Tumblr page, but I am way too loyal to WordPress and how awesome it is. I decided to not even try and find a theme to use on this site, or make one myself once I started working with the Twenty Eleven theme that was released with WordPress 3.2. I figured, why not just work with this? So I am.

I’m just using this as a place to update things I’m working on. Most of the people that read this will know that I have been working diligently on a Gears of War community site called GoW Nation. The website is done now, so most of what I’m doing with the site is just housekeeping and babysitting, you know – all the things a typical 24-year-old, male, fresh college graduate does in his free time.

I work on other projects as well, and will share them here and there. I have a lot of potential things I could work on in the future, but most of them won’t happen simply because – my brain gets so far ahead of my body, that I’m like 47 years behind right now.

If you want to know more about me, just check out my “About” page up top when I get it up, I won’t go into full detail here, other than I’m awesome, and that’s the really important fact to know about me. I’m also an extremely opinionated person, whether it seems like it or not. Finally, I can use something as a straight up opinionated site where I can rant and rave and cry and go poop all I want….or something like that.

I love you all, thanks for checking this site out.