In 2009, competitive gaming was growing rapidly in the United States, and there was a need for something to help cover the games that were being played. While some games got a lot of coverage, others were being left in the dust despite having great story lines of their own. So Flux Media founder Jon Lunceford, along with the help of a few contacts in the gaming industry, set out to create an online home for news and information about some of the lesser known games in eSports. Their finished product was GameNation.

GameNation, or GN for short, was successfully run around a handful of smaller games from 2009 through 2012. In 2010, GameNation earned the chance to become the official editorial partner of the US branch of the World Cyber Games, which is considered the Olympics of video games. Through it’s partnership with WCG and Samsung, WCG’s title sponsor, GN was able to spend 2010 covering events around the world, from gaming tournaments such as the WCG US National Finals and the WCG World Finals, all the way to major conventions such as Comic-con in San Diego, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and more.

GN spent a good portion of it’s time working with the title Gears of War from Epic Games in North Carolina. While making specialized sites for marketing for the second and third installments, they were able to average over 100,000 unique visitors a month to help push interest in the games prior to launch.


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