We decided to have some fun this season with Game of Thrones, and what better way than to start a death pool surrounding which major characters we think will kick the bucket in one way or another.

We filled these out after Episode 2, knowing that really no one had died (except for poor Ned Umber). We knew the story lines going in to the Battle of Winterfell (or whatever we want to call it), so it was the perfect time to make last minute predictions on who will die.

The rules are simple:

– If someone/something dies and then come back as a wight, they still count as DEAD.

– Only the Night King and Viserion are eligible from the dead side of things, but they have to be permanently dead (aka killed with dragonglass) to count.

– If a character dies and is brought back by the Lord of Light (such as Melisandre bringing someone back), then they are counted as ALIVE.

There is also a bonus of five points to whoever correctly guesses which character dies first starting with the beginning of Episode 3. All other deaths are worth one point.

The tiebreaker is who kills Thanos, but for spoiler reasons, I won’t put who got that right until the end of the show so that Endgame will have been out for a few weeks.

The contestants:

Jon Lunceford – Host of Jox Primetime
Tim Melton – Host of Jox Primetime
Conrad VanOrder – Producer of Jox Primetime
Aaron Daniel – Cumulus Traffic Director
Laurel Taylor – Producer of Jox Roundtable
John Saberre – Producer of 3 Man Front
Felecia Melton – Tim’s Wife

Here are the current standings:

– There are a total of EIGHT (8) dead “main” characters after Episode 3.

– Eddison Tollet was the first character dead (Jon correctly predicted)

Name # Correct # Wrong Dies First? Total
Jon 6 Eddison Tollett 11
Conrad 6 Davos Seaworth 6
Laurel 6 Euron Greyjoy 6
Saberre 6 Grey Worm 6
Tim 6 Grey Worm 6
Felecia 5 Theon Greyjoy 5
Aaron 5 Tormund Giantsbane 5

Full Death Pool Picks

Aaron Daniel

Conrad VanOrder

Felecia Melton

Jon Lunceford

Laurel Taylor

John Saberre

Tim Melton