College Football Predictions – Week 10

College Predictions

Not much of a slate this week with only one game being of note. Three of the top five teams are off this week to prepare for their biggest games of the year so far as Alabama awaits LSU, and Oregon awaits Stanford. Next week should be the best week of football by far.

However, before we get into the boring picks for this week, let’s take a look at last week’s games.

Oregon struggled a bit, but found themselves in the 4th quarter putting up plenty of points to put UCLA away. 1-0

I was really disappointed in Missouri. Not only would it have looked good to have Missouri vs. Alabama in the SEC championship as both undefeated teams, but it was South Carolina, after having already wiped the floor with Florida and Georgia. Mizzou never fails to disappoint. 1-1

Oklahoma looked back to form as they beat Texas Tech. We are all still wondering what happened in Dallas to make the Longhorns beat the Sooners. 2-1

Stanford struggled more than I would have liked against Oregon State. Still grabbed the W though. 3-1

TCU was no match for Texas, and I’m surprised they didn’t put up more of a fight. TCU has fallen on hard times compared to winning the Rose Bowl a few years ago. 4-1

My upset pick just made me…upset. After getting it last week, I somehow thought Penn State would hang with Ohio State. Oh well. 4-2

Week 1: 4-2
Week 2: 2-4
Week 3: 4-2
Week 4: 4-2
Week 5: 4-2
Week 6: 4-2
Week 7: 2-4
Week 8: 4-2
Week 9: 4-2

Total: 32-22

Time to see check out all of the wonderfully boring games from this week.

Week Nine

#3 Florida State (-21) #7 Miami

The one game people actually do want to see this week is the rivalry between the ‘Noles and the ‘Canes. I don’t think Miami has a chance here, and their undefeated season will be done for. Of course this will just be the first of two meetings since they will meet again most likely in the ACC title game.

Georgia (-3) Florida

This is a game people used to want to see, but not much any more. Although things did get much more interesting with Missouri losing, so a win here is crucial for both programs. The loser of this game will almost fall into irrelevancy (is that a word?). I think Georgia is the better offense, and that will be the final factor.

#15 Texas Tech (-2) #18 Oklahoma State

Texas Tech has looked decent all year, but Oklahoma State hasn’t been terrible themselves. I still can’t get over the West Virginia loss with Oklahoma State, so I’m going to have to go with Texas Tech on their losses alone.

#22 Michigan State (-5.5) #21 Michigan

Michigan has been the world’s luckiest team this season. Michigan State has been ok, although they did lose to Notre Dame who Michigan beat. I’m still going with MSU to win this one though, I think that overall, they are the better team.

Nebraska (-6.5) Northwestern

Northwestern has been abysmal since their loss to Ohio State. Nebraska and Northwestern were two of the teams I thought could challenge the Buckeyes for the Big 10 crown this season, but they have not been doing as well as people would have hoped. I think Nebraska takes this one and drops Northwestern below .500 on the year.

Middle Tennessee State (-3.5) UAB

I’m throwing UAB in here as my upset pick for a local pick as well. It will be interesting to see what happens in this battle for third place in the C-USA East. UAB needs to win 4 of it’s last 5 to become bowl eligible, so they need to start this stretch strong against MTSU.