College Football Predictions – Week 9

College Predictions

Perfect. That’s what I was last week, and that’s what Alabama was last week as well. Poor Texas A&M, they just don’t know what to do with themselves. Auburn will probably do the same thing to them, and LSU can win easy too.

But less talk about A&M, and more talk about the 4 SEC West teams in the top 5. Eat it other schools.

Week 1: 10-5
Week 2: 14-2
Week 3: 12-3
Week 4: 9-3
Week 5: 9-2
Week 6: 5-5
Week 7: 9-2
Week 8: 9-0

Total: 77-22

This week sees Alabama in their annual rivalry with Tennessee. Auburn with a (most likely) easy win over South Carolina. And CBS is showing Mississippi State vs. Kentucky instead of literally any other game.


Other than that, the slate of games this week is back to dreadful. It’s not “every team playing cupcakes” terrible, but it’s as close as you can get to it while staying in conference for most teams.

Week Nine

Alabama (-17) Tennessee

Auburn (-17.5) South Carolina

Arkansas (-22.5) UAB

Mississippi State (-13.5) Kentucky

Missouri (-22.5) Vanderbilt

Ole Miss (-3.5) LSU

Top Non-SEC Games

USC (-1) Utah

Oklahoma State (-1) West Virginia

Arizona State (-3) Washington

Upset Special

Penn State (13.5) Ohio State