College Football Predictions – Week 8

College Predictions

So not a good week last week, but I’m imagining that no one had a great week with all of the upsets that happened throughout the top 25. I had to hastily make my predictions last week because it was a busy one, but I’m back to normal now. A quick congratulations to Tim Melton on getting married this past Saturday. Tim was one of my Meltdown co-hosts, and a host of the 4th Quarter as well.

Looking back on the dreadful week that was…

Oregon handled business just fine against Washington, so at least I started with a win. Oregon is still the best team in the country, and there was no way Washington was stopping that. 1-0

In my opinion, Georgia was slightly overrated from where they were in the rankings and in everyone’s mind. The LSU win was impressive, but they had looked very weak against a very overrated South Carolina, and even North Texas. Missouri will struggle now without Franklin, but they are actually a pretty good team. I wouldn’t expect them to stand up to Alabama, Texas A&M, or even LSU, but they are a good team, that could possible represent in Atlanta. 1-1

LSU held on to beat Florida. I think Florida is better off without Driskel, but LSU is just too good. 2-1

Oklahoma…come on. This was supposed to be the final nail in the coffin for Mack Brown, and he just bought himself another year with a huge victory in Dallas. Pick it up Bob. 2-2

Northwestern looked like a team that could compete for a Big 10 title last week against Ohio State, but Wisconsin just destroyed them. I thought they might could rally and grab a win, but…yeah. 2-3

As overrated as Clowney and South Carolina are, they handled Arkansas easily. I thought they would, but thought it might be a prime game for an upset. Oh well. 2-4

So not a great week, but only my second negative week so far this season. Still holding a winning record so far this season.

Week 1: 4-2
Week 2: 2-4
Week 3: 4-2
Week 4: 4-2
Week 5: 4-2
Week 6: 4-2
Week 7: 2-4

Total: 24-18

Now for this week’s picks…

Week Eight

#5 Florida State (-3) #3 Clemson

I have to agree with Vegas here on this line. I like Florida State and Jameis Winston to continue on undefeated and add to Winston’s Heisman resume.

#13 Stanford (-6) #9 UCLA

Kind of surprised the line is this high for this game, although I did think Stanford would be favored slightly. However, I’m going with the Bruins to win this one. Stanford is a good football team, but I think UCLA is the second best team in the Pac 12 after watching last week’s action.

#22 Florida (-3) #14 Missouri

This is a tough one to pick. Florida’s defense against a James Franklin-less Missouri offense. I’m still going with the Tigers here to win this one at home.

#7 Texas A&M (-13.5) #24 Auburn

This is a tough one to pick. I think Texas A&M wins this one, but if this game were in Auburn, I’m not so sure. Unfortunately for Auburn, after finally working their way in the top 25, a loss here might keep them out for another couple of weeks. They will be able to get back up there, and I think this team is poised to get at least eight wins, possibly nine with a win over Georgia at home.

Notre Dame (-3) USC

Remember when people cared about this game? Now with all of this other good action going on, and multiple SEC top 25 match-ups, this game is irrelevant. However, as overrated as I think Notre Dame is, I think they pull out a win here against Orgeron and the Trojans. However, I think if USC wins, Orgeron can make a case to stay as head coach.

South Carolina (-7.5) Tennessee

South Carolina needs to be glad I keep picking them as my upset pick because so far I’m 0-7 on my upset special. I like this Tennessee team to get it done this week at Neyland Stadium.