College Football Predictions – Week 9

College Predictions

The BCS standings have been released, and surprisingly, Oregon is #3. I still hold them up as the top team in the country, but we’ll see how they do now that they are entering a stretch with UCLA and Stanford. They have a good test this week while Alabama has a rivalry game with Tennessee and FSU has NC State who has been known to upset ACC top dogs before.

First a look at last week.

I knew Florida State was the superior team to Clemson, but I didn’t know they’d go out and perform like that. They are looking good to go undefeated this year, and I still think Jameis Winston is the Heisman favorite. 1-0

I wasn’t sure if Stanford had it in them to take out UCLA, but they did. I just hope this doesn’t ruin a good UCLA team to where they suffer the same beating that every one else who plays Oregon does. 1-1

Missouri proved they can still win without James Franklin, and I’m looking forward to seeing Missouri possibly play in the SEC championship after an abysmal start to their SEC tenure last season. 2-1

Auburn is right there with Missouri in impressiveness this season. I wasn’t sure if Auburn had it in them on the road, but I thought they could squeak one out at home. Turns out, they can squeak it out on the road too. The Iron Bowl is shaping up to be a great game down on the plains. 2-2

Notre Dame was overrated when they were ranked, but USC is that much worse. Remember when the ND/USC game meant something? Me either. 3-2

Tennessee is right there on being an impressive team this season compared to last. They are close to being a lot better record wise than they are. I think the line this week against Alabama is a bit much, but they are doing well this season. I also FINALLY got an upset pick! 4-2

Week 1: 4-2
Week 2: 2-4
Week 3: 4-2
Week 4: 4-2
Week 5: 4-2
Week 6: 4-2
Week 7: 2-4
Week 8: 4-2

Total: 28-20

Time for week nine!

Week Nine

#3 Oregon (-23.5) #12 UCLA

Has there ever been a game between two top 15 teams that has had this big of a line? Vegas must have zero confidence in the Bruins. As much as I’d love to see them give Oregon a game, I do think the Ducks are too much for them.

#5 Missouri (-3) #21 South Carolina

How is Missouri only getting the 3-point home swing? The team is #5 and legitimate. Not saying South Carolina is terrible, but I don’t think they are near as good as Missouri. Vegas is weird this week.

#15 Oklahoma (-6.5) #10 Texas Tech

I do think Oklahoma is the better team here, but there is a reason Texas Tech is at #10. Kliff Kingsbury has done a great job and will be a good coach for a while. This one could be closer than people would think.

#6 Stanford (-4) #25 Oregon State

Stanford is still a good team minus their one slip up, and everyone is still waiting for the the showdown with Oregon. But first they have to get past Oregon’s in-state rivals. I think they should do well here and have no problem.

TCU (-2) Texas

This should be a very interesting game. TCU has struggled this season so far with a 3-4 record. Texas is 4-2, but we all know how they have been. I think Texas can pull this one out, but would not be surprised to TCU roll in this one.

Ohio State (-15) Penn State

I’m going with the Nittany Lions in my upset pick. I don’t know why, but I just think it could happen.