College Football Predictions – Week 7

College Predictions

I’d like to respectfully forget about last week, and move on to this week. Even though I didn’t go under .500 in my picks (somehow), it was still too frustrating of a day. I think this image sums it all up:

Jon is angry

Week 1: 10-5
Week 2: 14-2
Week 3: 12-3
Week 4: 9-3
Week 5: 9-2
Week 6: 5-5

Total: 59-20

This week sees a few more great SEC games with Auburn vs. Mississippi State and Ole Miss vs. Texas A&M. No rest for the state of Mississippi as they have to prove themselves all over again this weekend.

If you missed it, I commented on how I see things going now that a good chunk of the top playoff contending teams got their first loss this weekend.

Now, it’s time for a comeback.

Week Seven

Alabama (-11) Arkansas

Auburn (-3) Mississippi State

Texas A&M (-3) Ole Miss

Georgia (-3) Missouri

Kentucky (-22) Louisiana-Monroe

Tennessee (N/A) Chattanooga

LSU (-2) Florida

Vanderbilt (N/A) Charleston Southern

Top Non-SEC Games

Baylor (-9) TCU

Oregon (-3) UCLA

Oklahoma (-15) Texas

Upset Special

Duke (3) Georgia Tech

I was going to pick USC over Arizona as my upset, until I saw that #10 Arizona is a 3-point underdog to unranked, 2-loss USC….AT Arizona. I don’t even know what to make of that. Then I would have picked Arizona as my upset then over USC, but there isn’t much integrity in picking #10 to beat unranked as an upset.