College Football Predictions – Week 6

College Predictions

Last week had me only six points from being perfect. We’ll see if I can do better this week. A lot of good match-ups between ranked opponents, and a lot of games that can allow teams to make a statement as we get closer to the halfway point of the season.

Before we get into next week’s games, let’s take a look at what happened with my six picks from last week.

In game one, LSU and Georgia met for a very defining game for both teams. LSU came up a bit short as Aaron Murray was finally able to win a big one that could have solidified Georgia as the SEC East champions. I really thought LSU was the best team in the SEC behind Alabama, but Georgia keeps proving that they shouldn’t be taken lightly just because they lost to Clemson. 0-1

Next was another match-up of ranked SEC teams, but this one wasn’t so close. Ole Miss had high expectations for their squad this season after some clutch wins over teams like Texas and Vanderbilt. However, the Rebels just weren’t good enough for the Tide, and Alabama covered the line with a 25-0 shutout. 1-1

Oklahoma over Notre Dame was an easy pick for me, not because I think Oklahoma is “back”, but because Notre Dame is one of the most overrated teams in the country. Easy pickings here. 2-1

In the battle of Big 10 supremacy, Braxton Miller was able to lead the buckeyes to a seven point win over the Badgers. Not as big as fans might have expected, but their win streak continues on to 17. 3-1

Stanford had their first real test of the season with Washington State, and they handled them with ease. After seeing what happened with Lane Kiffin and USC, that win can’t be considered that big anymore for the Cougars, and Stanford proved that WSU still has a long way to go. 4-1

In my upset pick, I almost called UCF over South Carolina, but the Gamecocks were able to pull it out with a three point victory over Central Florida. UCF is still a good team that shouldn’t be slept on. The Louisville/UCF game has gotten a lot more interesting. 4-2

Week 1: 4-2
Week 2: 2-4
Week 3: 4-2
Week 4: 4-2
Week 5: 4-2

Total: 18-12

Yet another 4-2 week. I’m going to get 5 wins one of these days, or maybe even a perfect 6-0. Either way, it’s a winning record for the fourth week out of the five so far, so I’ll take it.

Week Six

#5 Stanford (-7) #15 Washington

Washington is a good team, but I see Stanford squeaking out with a win here. Stanford still has a bit to prove to me if they want to be considered in the national title picture.

#4 Ohio State (-6) #16 Northwestern

The Buckeyes get yet another test this weekend with Northwestern, and this will be harder than last week’s game against Wisconsin in my opinion. The Buckeyes only escaped with a touchdown win over the Badgers, but I see the same this week as well.

#11 Oklahoma (-10.5) TCU

TCU is not as bad as their 2-2 record shows, but I do think Oklahoma will be able to run away with this one.

#10 LSU (-9.5) Mississippi State

LSU will be upset after last week’s game and come in to Starkville and lay a pounding on these Bulldogs.

#24 Ole Miss (-3) Auburn

Interesting that the line is that small, even with the game being at Auburn. I don’t see Ole Miss losing this one, but I do think Auburn is going to try and prove something with this game.

Troy (-3) South Alabama

I’m going with a local game for my upset pick this weekend. South Alabama looked mighty impressive against Tennessee, but Troy looked dreadful against Mississippi State. I’m going with my old coach, Joey Jones, to win this Sun Belt, in-state battle.