College Football Predictions – Week 5

College Predictions

Heading into week five, we finally get to see some good games again. Last week was pretty boring with a bunch of blowouts and big time schools paying teams to come get beat up. This week, however, is a totally different ballgame. Two gigantic SEC match-ups, and two other games between ranked opponents. A lot to look for this week, but first let’s look back and see how things went last week.

First up was the only game really worth anything last week between Stanford and Arizona State. Stanford was an easy pick to win this one, but Arizona State is still worthy of being in the top 25 in my opinion. This loss will hurt them, but they will have other opportunities. Stanford finally looked solid enough to earn their ranking in my opinion. 1-0

Second was one of two big time SEC showdowns from last week pitting the two Tigers together in Auburn and LSU. Auburn is definitely ahead of last year’s team, but LSU is just too good this year. 2-0

Next was the other SEC match-up between Florida and Tennessee. Same applies here, Tennessee is miles above where they were last year, but still need a lot of help. Florida might have lost Driskel, but this doesn’t drop them far from where I had them anyway in terms of talent and how I think they will finish the season. 3-0

I picked the Arkansas/Rutgers game solely based on the fact that it could have been so intriguing when they scheduled it originally. I also have a soft spot for Rutgers having spent time there. I thought Arkansas would pull out a close one, but Rutgers came back and had a great program win. 3-1

Next, the “Save Mack Brown for one more week” game between Texas and Kansas State. Two programs who have been so good in the last few years, but are dreadful now. Good for Texas though giving me another win. 4-1

I don’t want to talk about my upset pick. Last year’s game was so competitive, but I don’t know what happened this year. They must have been super pissed off after losing to Auburn. 4-2

Week 1: 4-2
Week 2: 2-4
Week 3: 4-2
Week 4: 4-2

Total: 14-10

So a good 4-2 week again. That makes three winning weeks out of four. I’ll try to do it again this week.

Week Five

#9 Georgia (-3) #6 LSU

I don’t think this game being in Athens is enough to justify giving Georgia the -3 on the line. Too bad I don’t feel like making a 6/9 game my upset pick. I have to go with LSU to win this one straight up here.

#1 Alabama (-16) #21 Ole Miss

Despite the 20 places difference here and the 3 places above, I think this line is even more ludicrous. The only factor Alabama has for them is the game is at home. But Ole Miss shouldn’t be thought of as a 16 point underdog. Alabama wins, but I think by less than 16 in a good game.

#14 Oklahoma (-3.5) #22 Notre Dame

I don’t think either of these teams are as good as their ranking shows, but Oklahoma is less overrated than ND is. ND doesn’t need to be ranked in my opinion, and they won’t be when they lose this weekend.

#4 Ohio State (-7) #23 Wisconsin

As much as I want Wisconsin to win this game, I’m not sure about them yet as a team, and even though Braxton Miller is still out, I think OSU can handle this one.

#5 Stanford (-10) Washington State

This should be a very good game. The Cougars could play Stanford tough. They have looked good since their opening weekend loss to Auburn. I still like Stanford here, but look for it to be a competitive game until late.

#12 South Carolina (-7) Central Florida

I haven’t gotten an upset pick right yet, and I don’t expect to this week either. However, UCF has looked pretty good this season with a win over Penn State already. The game is in Orlando, but I don’t expect that to be much of an issue for South Carolina. But if any game is poised for a major upset, I think this is a good one to choose.