College Football Predictions – Week 5

College Predictions

A bunch more conference games and byes last week made it where there weren’t as many picks, and the same will hold true throughout the majority of the season most likely.

Missouri losing to Indiana was a miss obviously, and extremely embarrassing for not only Missouri, but the SEC in general.

Week 1: 10-5
Week 2: 14-2
Week 3: 12-3
Week 4: 9-3

Total: 45-13

Now time for Week 5 picks…

Week Five

Auburn (-33) Louisiana Tech

Georgia (-17) Tennessee

Kentucky (-17) Vanderbilt

Texas A&M (-10) Arkansas

South Carolina (-7) Missouri

Ole Miss (-20) Memphis

LSU (-43) New Mexico State

Top Three Non-SEC Games

UCLA (-5) Arizona State

Florida State (-22) NC State

Stanford (-8) Washington

Upset Special

Oregon State (12) USC