College Football Predictions – Week 15

College Predictions

Been so busy this week with different things here and there, haven’t been able to do a picks post yet. Needless to say, I’m still getting over the Alabama/Auburn game, which of course was a missed pick. I ended up going 2-4 last week missing USC/UCLA, Alabama/Auburn, South Carolina/Clemson, and Texas/Texas Tech. I got right Stanford/Notre Dame and Missouri/Texas A&M.

I would also like to note what I said about the Iron Bowl:

Auburn will most likely come out with one of their strongest first halves ever, but Alabama’s second half fight will win this game. That is, unless Auburn gets another Godsend.

Who would have known they would have had another ending like the previous game? Oh well. On to this week quickly before I head out. If you’re wondering why this is rushed, you can catch me and Tim doing the swimming/diving finals for the AHSAA down in Auburn. Yes, of all places, I’m heading to Auburn this weekend.

Time for my final week of predictions before bowl season.


Week Fifteen

#1 Florida State vs. #20 Duke

ACC championship game. I expect FSU to win, although I would love more BCS chaos.

#6 Oklahoma State vs. #17 Oklahoma

Oklahoma State wins the Big 12 with a win.

#2 Ohio State vs. #10 Michigan State

I’m calling it. Ohio State loses to a real team in the Big 10 championship to cause more BCS turmoil.

#3 Auburn vs. #5 Missouri

I don’t think Missouri has quite enough to take on Auburn (or Alabama or LSU for that matter). But we’ll see what Pinkel and the boys can do in the SEC championship. I still see Auburn basically taking Bama’s place in the BCS championship.

#7 Stanford vs. #11 Arizona State

I think it’s a bit unfair for a team to get home field in the Pac-12 title game, but those are their rules, and that’s how it happens. I think that’s the final factor in Arizona State beating Stanford.

#9 Baylor vs. #25 Texas

If Oklahoma State loses, the winner of this game is Big 12 champion. I don’t see OSU losing, but if they do, this should be a great game. The OU/OSU game is before this one, so there should be some good Big 12 football to start the day. I see Baylor coming away with the win on this one.


Also, small kudos to Central Florida for winning the AAC and a BCS bid in their first season in the conference. I would have picked them to beat SMU anyway, but Louisville’s win over Cincy last night gave them the nod officially. Kudos to them win or lose this week. Still think they should have beaten South Carolina and could have possibly been undefeated.

I also expect Northern Illinois to win the MAC, probably Marshall to win C-USA, and Fresno State to win the Mountain West. I believe Louisiana-Lafayette has already won the Sun Belt.