College Football Predictions – Week 13

College Predictions

It’s almost the end of the regular season, but before rivalry week can begin, every team needs their tune-up games. Alabama and Auburn welcome in the cupcakes (sorry Samford) so they can have some target practice before playing each other next weekend.

Week 1: 10-5
Week 2: 14-2
Week 3: 12-3
Week 4: 9-3
Week 5: 9-2
Week 6: 5-5
Week 7: 9-2
Week 8: 9-0
Week 9: 8-2
Week 10: 9-2
Week 11: 9-2
Week 12: 7-3

Total: 110-31

Only missed three games, but all SEC games. Auburn/Georgia was a tough choice, but Auburn looked dreadful. Bad pick on that one. Florida was…Florida. And LSU was nice enough to give Arkansas a win.

On to this week’s picks, which are easy because almost everyone is playing a cupcake. Thanks for the free wins…

Week Thirteen

Alabama (N/A) Western Carolina

Auburn (N/A) Samford

Ole Miss (-3.5) Arkansas

Florida (N/A) Eastern Kentucky

Georgia (N/A) Charleston-Southern

South Carolina (N/A) South Alabama

Tennessee (-3.5) Missouri

Mississippi State (-29) Vanderbilt

Top Non-SEC Games

Utah (-4) Arizona

Nebraska (-10.5) Minnesota

UCLA (-3.5) USC

Upset Special

Kansas State (2.5) West Virginia