College Football Predictions – Week 13

College Predictions

The end of the season is almost here, and while locally everyone is preparing for the Iron Bowl, nationally there are some great ranked match-ups that could even determine the national title picture. But first, a look at last week’s games.

Auburn’s miraculous play is one we will remember forever. It makes me wonder about Auburn’s defense and second half play to allow Georgia to come back from a 20 point deficit though. Either way, you have to give Auburn a lot of credit for winning the way they did. Everyone needs a little help en route to a championship season, just look at Alabama’s three recent title runs. Auburn got their’s in the form of a hail mary straight from the heavens. 1-0

Stanford losing to USC was just disappointing. I also think they were still flying high from their Oregon win, and that will hurt you. Just look at Alabama after their LSU win the last couple of years. Coach O is looking good though, and I’m still not convinced they should get rid of him in lieu of another permanent coach. 1-1

Why I picked Texas against Oklahoma State, I’ll never know. I should have known they’d disappoint me. 1-2

South Carolina and Florida was a toss up for me since that whole side of the SEC is just pitiful to watch. The fact that any of those teams going outside of Missouri into last weekend could still make the SEC title game is just sad. Either way, SC pulled it out. So, I guess I get another point. 2-2

I am still not sure if Duke is really that good or if the rest of the ACC is really that bad. I’ll get my answer when they play FSU now in the ACC title game thanks to a win over Miami. That is, of course, if FSU has Jameis Winston. 2-3

I can’t believe Rutgers was favored over Cincinnati, even if it was just a point. Cincinnati ran over them, so that was an easy upset pick. 3-3

Week 1: 4-2
Week 2: 2-4
Week 3: 4-2
Week 4: 4-2
Week 5: 4-2
Week 6: 4-2
Week 7: 2-4
Week 8: 4-2
Week 9: 4-2
Week 10: 4-2
Week 11: 4-2
Week 12: 3-3

Total: 43-29

I finally have a week that isn’t 4’s and 2’s, so I got that going for me which is really great. (in my best Carl Spackler voice)

On to week 12.


Week Twelve

#4 Baylor (-9) #10 Oklahoma State

I’m afraid Oklahoma doesn’t stand a chance here, but knowing my luck, this will be just like me saying I don’t think Stanford has a chance. OSU has to play hardnose defense and control the ball. They like to put up points too, and it’s no surprise the over/under is pushing 80. I’m still going with Baylor here.

#22 LSU (-4) #12 Texas A&M

A&M needs a win here bad to try and stay in the possible BCS discussion. I think Auburn is still the second team in the BCS for the SEC regardless of how they do against Alabama, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. For now, a down LSU team is an easy target for Johnny Football to pick apart. I like A&M to get revenge for last year’s loss.

#8 Missouri (-3) #24 Ole Miss

As soon as Ole Miss gets back into the top 25, they get moved out just like that. They are doing better now than they were were mid-season, but Mizzou is still the top team in the East, and they are hungry to get to Atlanta to face Alabama.

#17 Arizona State (-2.5) #14 UCLA

Not surprised that ASU is favored here over the Bruins. This should be a great match-up, but Arizona State wants their shot at Oregon, or possibly a rematch against Stanford. A win here locks things up for the Sun Devils, but a loss allows USC the grand opportunity to make the championship game after their crazy season next week when they take on UCLA at the Coliseum.

#19 Wisconsin (-16) #25 Minnesota

Since Minnesota squeaked into the top 25, I’ll pick this match-up, but I don’t think it will even be close. Wisconsin is looking like one of the best in the Big 10, despite their close early season loss to Ohio State. I like Wisconsin to win big like the line suggests.

Houston (-3) Cincinnati

For the second week in a row, Cincinnati is an underdog to a team with a worse record than them in the AAC. Despite them only being slight underdogs each time, they are underdogs nonetheless. They proved people wrong last week with a 52-17 win over Rutgers, and I see them proving people wrong again this week as they travel on the road to AAC newcomer, Houston.