College Football Predictions – Week 10

College Predictions

The first College Football Playoff rankings come out this week. No matter who falls where, it’s all useless information at this time. If there are two SEC teams in the top 4, there is a good chance that those teams still have to play each other, or still have to play multiple teams ranked in the top 10.

If Notre Dame is in there, the committee should just stop and we should go back to the BCS system.

Too many things still left to happen in November, so these rankings are just useless things to let fan bases feel better about themselves for now.

Week 1: 10-5
Week 2: 14-2
Week 3: 12-3
Week 4: 9-3
Week 5: 9-2
Week 6: 5-5
Week 7: 9-2
Week 8: 9-0
Week 9: 8-2

Total: 85-24

Decent week last week, only missing Oklahoma State/West Virginia (don’t know why I picked OSU), and losing Penn State to Ohio State. That game had some terrible officiating in it. I don’t think that’s why Penn State lost, it was just generally bad.

This week has some big games, starting with Ole Miss having to bounce back against Auburn. Oregon has to face Stanford, which seems to have the Duck’s number, and TCU and West Virginia will separate the Big 12 a bit.

Here are this week’s picks.

Week Ten

Ole Miss (-2.5) Auburn

Georgia (-13) Florida

Missouri (-6) Kentucky

Texas A&M (-32.5) Louisiana Monroe

Vanderbilt (-7.5) Old Dominion

Mississippi State (-10.5) Arkansas

South Carolina (-8) Tennessee

Top Non-SEC Games

Oregon (-9.5) Stanford

TCU (-6) West Virginia

Arizona State (-5) Utah

Upset Special

Louisville (5) Florida State (Thursday)

That’s right, I’m calling it. Thursday night games are dangerous for high ranked teams. It’s already happened to Oregon this year, and it’s happened many times before. The Seminoles have to go to Louisville, and I think if there is ever a chance of it happening, this is it.