Well, there are a few different things happening over the next week or so for me that are pretty exciting.

The biggest, by far, is that I am graduating Saturday. I’m getting my BA, also known as my “Bad Ass” degree, in Journalism from the University of Alabama. The ceremony is Saturday, and starting Sunday, I will officially be unemployed. Hooray!

The next thing is that I am stepping down from my current roles with @GoW_Nation so that I can turn my attention to other things. I will still maintain the website since it’s on my server, and provide advice when I can, but a lot of strange things have happened to further push me away from putting all my effort into Gears of War. I wish the current staff the best of luck, and I will continue to help @zsta2k7 with the events GN runs, but that’s about it for me. The decisions will fall in the hands of other staff members now. I have major issues with the way other people are running their sites, and I think they are doomed to lots of mistakes, so I hope I can continue to at least guide GN away from that, and keep it on the right path.

The third big detail is that I am now joining @vVv_Gaming as their editor-in-chief.

I have been working with @LordJerith for a while now, and we have some great things planned, and some big news coming. We had many ideas when I was in vVv before that were left undone because I was still playing a lot then, and I just didn’t have the time to follow through with them. Now that I have all but completely stopped playing competitively, I feel we can focus on our goals, and achieve them in the future. I already help co-host The Loser’s Bracket with vVv, and I’m looking forward to taking another big step in helping not only myself, and the organization, but general eSports overall. If anyone is looking to help out in anyway – let me know, and we’ll see how we can work together.

Lastly, like I said, I will be officially unemployed starting Sunday. Quite a bummer, but I have begun to apply to many different places around Alabama, and in cities like Chicago, New York, and Washington D.C. I am kind of shooting for the stars, and I know the market is tough, but I am confident in my abilities to succeed where ever I end up, so I am pushing hard to find a good fit for me and my talents. If anyone is looking for an amazing online media specialist – you just let me know!

Outside of all of this, I do have to try and enjoy my “free time” when I can. It’s harder these days to find time to game, so it’s usually at midnight once things have settled down and a lot of people have gone to bed. @zsta2k7, @tyelrmakesmusic, @rgoldmine, and I have started to really enjoy playing League of Legends. I feel that I can better understand this game at a competitive level now, and look forward to it’s future successes. Tyler, Riley and I also play some insane Starcraft 2 3v3’s where we always win, but are somehow still Bronze. Makes it easy for us to cheese and run some goofy strategies, but we usually come out on top, so that’s fun as well.

On top of all of that, I have two games that I personally play – Minecraft and iRacing. I play Minecraft for fun, and I like hopping in random servers and building stuff from time to time. We did have a GN server for a while, but we shut it down because it took too much to run it ourselves. I’m trying to get one going for people form GN, vVv, etc. to play in but it will cost money I don’t feel like spending right now.

iRacing has just begun Season 3, and I am on the edge of a Class A license. I will be racing down to Class B full time until I get my bearings in the Class A races. Class B is the equivalent of the Nationwide Series in NASCAR. I will also race the IZOD Indy Car Series as well, along with some SK Modified with @zsta2k7.

So a lot is changing, and I’m excited to see where it takes me. It’s going to be a crazy next month or so while I transition to the real world, but I’m looking forward to never having to go to class again, and instead be in the work force.