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5A and 6A Bracketology – Week 5

As we hit the midway point of the AHSAA football season this week and teams head to play non-region games, it seemed like a good time to start giving an indicator of where teams were lining up in the playoffs. Let me preface these brackets by saying that there is still a lot of football to be played. Some of these standings may not make much sense. For instance, Bessemer City is the #1 seed in 6A Region 5 and Hoover is the #2 seed - 99% of people will say that is wrong. As of right now, the tiebreaker gives it to Bessemer City on who they have played so far in the region. That won't matter much because Hoover and Bessemer City play each other next week when they get back into region play. So if you ever see a team that you know should probably be a one seed, it's solely because they are losing tiebreakers right now with no head to head game to break the tie first. These standings are on the official AHSAA tiebreakers which are, in order: 1) Head to head competition. Basically, if there is a tie between two teams, who won the meeting between them. This gets skipped at this point because most of the top ranked teams in a given region haven't played yet. 2) If more than two teams tie, whoever won the games between them moves on. So if A, B, and C are tied right now, if A beat both B and C, then they are ahead of them, and then B and C will go to head to head to determine who is next in line. 2a) If more than two teams are tied, then you go down the list and see who they have beaten. For instance, if A, B, and C are tied at 1-2, who is that one win against? The team with the highest ranked win gets the highest spot. So if one of those wins was an upset over the top ranked team (at the present time), then they move on. Do the same from the first place team on down. 3) If two or more teams are still tied, take their record against similar non-region opponents. This is impossible with only one non-region game so far for each. But for instance, if Team A beats non-region Team 1 and Team B lost to non-region Team 1, then Team A wins the tiebreak. 3a) If two or more teams are still tied, then just take their non-region record and see whose is better. At this point that is only one game, but it will be three at the end. There are more rules, but to be honest, at this point, most of them can't be used. We'll get deeper into that later in the season. Also, most of the time, these rules don't have to come into play. But sometimes teams will get all tangled up and it will be a mess to see who goes to the playoffs and in what spot. If you're really curious about the official wording and rules when it comes to tiebreakers in the AHSAA, you can see their tiebreak section here. Also, I should note that in a couple of instances, there were no clear tiebreakers in place. So instead of just flipping a coin in my office to determine it (which is the final tiebreaker, FYI), I went on how the teams were "trending", meaning how well have they played, how good was their competition despite records, etc. to see how the team was projecting for the future when they actually meet up with these other teams. So without further ado, here are the brackets for 5A and 6A. Once the season progresses and I have more time to sit down and work on these with a MUCH clearer picture, I will get 1A-4A up as well. But check out how 5A and 6A are doing at this point...

College Predictions, Top 25 Heading into Week Four

College Predictions Yeah, so I slacked off a bit this week. Got busy messing with my new studio and totally forgot to keep up with my writing and predictions and such. So I'll throw together one quick post and put it all together. First, let's take a look at last week's predictions where I went 4-2 both straight up and against the spread. The top game was obviously Alabama vs. Texas A&M in the rematch of last year's great game in Tuscaloosa. Now that they were in College Station, Alabama was able to grab the win and get another revenge game for Nick Saban. I knew the -8 line was going to be too much, even it was only one point higher. 1-0 Next up was Texas and Ole Miss. Texas was severely disappointing in their loss to BYU, and Ole Miss is looking like a true contender after their great start. They showed that home field advantage didn't matter and that Texas being up -2.5 when I made my picks was stupid. Good job Rebels. 2-0 Third, I had another SEC match-up with South Carolina and Vanderbilt. Despite their loss to Ole Miss, and now SC, Vandy is still a good and much improved team. However, they weren't able to do anything about the Gamecocks and SC bounces back from their UGA loss. 3-0 I finally got my first loss with Nebraska choking away a nice lead to UCLA and giving up 38 unanswered points. In picking Nebraska, I wasn't trying to say UCLA is a bad team, I think they are the best in their division and probably third best in the Pac-12 and deserving of where they were ranked. With that said, I did think Nebraska would hold it together better than that, but apparently the team reflects the coach since Bo Pelini can't hold it together either. 3-1 I got back in the win column for my picks with Auburn over Mississippi State. I have to admit, I didn't think the game would come down to the wire. It raises some very small questions about Auburn, but it does show that they can win when they need to. 4-1 Finally my upset pick, which was...well...not an upset. USC took care of Boston College down in LA, so I got that one wrong. 4-2 Week 1: 4-2 Week 2: 2-4 Week 3: 4-2 Total: 10-8 Here's to a good week this week. There are some tough games to predict...

College Football Predictions – Week 3

College Predictions A day late, but I spent a lot of the day yesterday doing other things, so I apologize. Lines are as of this morning at 9 am. Last week didn't go so well. It was a rough weekend for everyone to think there would be upsets where there weren't. And some highly ranked teams showed us they are just pretenders. My picks from last week: I thought South Carolina was going to have it all this year, but their defense continues to disappoint and Jadeveon Clowney continues to be the most over hyped player this season. Kudos to Georgia for getting the job done. 0-1 Michigan looked fairly solid in their win over Notre Dame. I came into the day thinking Notre Dame was one of the more overrated teams this season, but I think I still have some of last year's title game in my mind. Regardless, Michigan was the better team, no doubt. 1-1 Florida was one of two extremely disappointing teams this past weekend, losing to Miami 21-16. I think their defense is still ok, but the offense has a ton of work to do. I like this Miami team moving forward, but still feel they are behind a few other ACC teams. 1-2 Texas was the other extremely disappointing team, getting smashed by BYU, who lost to Virginia the week before, who got smashed by Oregon. Texas is not "back", no matter what Mack Brown thinks. They don't deserve to be ranked after that game, and luckily they aren't. Now I know Texas will have a few more losses coming than we all thought this season, unless the rest of the Big 12 is really that bad. 1-3 Oklahoma over West Virginia was an easy pick to make, but I knew the line was way too much. The line as of the post last Wednesday was -20.5, but the Sooners only won by 9. This was definitely the easiest pick of the weekend. 2-3 When it came to my upset special, I blew it. I would have either way really, but I went with Bobby Petrino and Western Kentucky to beat Butch Jones and Tennessee. However, after the first six plays for Western Kentucky, they had already turned the ball over five times, so that pick was garbage. Good job for Tennessee and Auburn who I almost made my upset pick. Tennessee gets a tough one this weekend with Oregon, but I think they are much improved this season. 2-4 Week 1: 4-2 Week 2: 2-4 Total: 6-6 So not a great set of picks this past week, but I'm ready to bounce back this week as we all only really care about one game - Alabama vs. Texas A&M. See who I've picked this week...

College Football Week Two Leaders and Lolligaggers

Leaders and Lolligaggers What a week. I don't think I could have handled this week on top of the Alabama/A&M game, so good thing it's next week. There are a lot of things to choose from here for my "Leaders and Lolligaggers". I have put myself under the "lolligaggers" for my picks. The South Carolina/Georgia game is understandable, but I also picked: - Florida, who was embarrassing to watch on offense, as they couldn't do anything and got beat by Miami. - Texas, who everyone thought was "back" after Mack Brown said so. So much for that. - Western Kentucky, who I thought might at least keep it close after the way they beat Kentucky. Tennessee showed they might actually be back though, and proved me wrong. Kudos to Butch Jones and the Vols. So here are my three leaders and three lolligaggers from week two.

CFB Top 25, Heisman Leaders – Week Two

top25-heisman-graphic A little bit of movement here after week two, and teams are starting to show their true colors. Some teams we all thought were "back" clearly aren't, and some that we looked at as underdogs, are moving on up. It's still only been two weeks, but there are still some things that are concerning, and others that are impressive. So here are the week two rankings. A few big ball games coming up this weekend, and none bigger than Alabama and Texas A&M. The winner will solidify a top spot in the polls, and the loser will drop out of the top 10 most likely. Also, UCLA and Nebraska take each other on in an important Pac-12 vs. Big 10 showdown. Rankings and Heisman leaders up after the jump.

College Football Predictions – Week 2

College Predictions The first college football weekend is in the books, and it's time to turn our attention to week two where two top 25 matchups stand out above the rest. First, we have an SEC East battle in just the second week of the season that might determine who represents in Atlanta between Georgia and South Carolina. If you check out my top 25 rankings, I agree with the pollsters on this one that Georgia is just outside the top 10 and South Carolina is just outside the top 5. This is a make or break game for both teams, especially for Georgia who is already 0-1 for the season after their loss to Clemson. On the other hand we have the storied Michigan vs. Notre Dame rivalry. Everyone will remember that crazy back and forth ending in 2011, or last year when Michigan almost gave Notre Dame their first loss of the season. This year, the teams are both ranked in the top 20, but I am not sure this one will be close. Notre Dame has a lot to prove after last year's embarrassing finish to Alabama, but Michigan has a lot to prove as well after a disappointing start to last season against the Tide as well. Last week was a decent start to the season. What started with a crazy Ole Miss/Vanderbilt game, ended with Jameis Winston of Hueytown, Alabama showing that he wants to follow in Johnny Football's footsteps and win the Heisman year one. Even though I am not playing the lines, I do like to point whether I think teams will cover or not. Let's take a look back at last week's picks and see what will happen this week.

CFB Top 25, Heisman Leaders – Week One

top25-heisman-graphic Now that the extended college football weekend is over, it's time to take a look at who is at the top of their game, and who fell behind. I don't believe in preseason rankings because it doesn't matter what happened last year, that was eight months ago. I'm for ideas that include waiting a few weeks before the real polls actually vote, that way people aren't swayed by what people thought before a team took the field. Are most of the teams at the top deserving of those positions? Of course they are. Teams are voted up there thanks to recruiting classes, returning all-stars, and more. But it's hard to tell without playing any type of preseason games or getting a feel for the teams at all minus a handful of practices. So without further ado, here is my top 25 after week one. Now that we've seen teams play, we can get a better grasp for where they should be. It's still too early, with some teams playing much harder opponents (Clemson/Georgia), and some playing terrible cupcake schools (Oregon/Nicholls State). Rankings after the jump...

College Football Week One Leaders and Lolligaggers

L and L What started with a crazy Ole Miss/Vandy game, kept going on in to Saturday to make for a hell of a weekend. I'll normally write these on Sunday afternoon, but I decided to at least let Louisville play first. I know Florida State is playing Pitt tonight, but I'll assume FSU will make the most of that game and come away with a win. We got to see Alabama for the first time after winning signing day yet again as they started their title defense. We got to see the other contenders such as Ohio State, Oregon, Clemson and other SEC schools. We also got to see the rise of the FCS, maybe making a name for themselves and showing that there isn't that big of a gap between the FBS and FCS. I spent my weekend in Atlanta for the Alabama/Virginia Tech game, but was able to watch many great match-ups before and after. Some things impressed me more than others, but some things definitely need some work as we head into week two. Without further ado, here are my Leaders and Lolligaggers from week one of the college football season. Three things I liked over the course of the weekend, and three things that seriously need some work. For those who don't know, this is a segment we used to do on the Meltdown, so I'm keeping the tradition going, even though I hate the name. Blame Tim Melton for that one. Side note - I will release my top 25 tomorrow (Tuesday) morning for week one due to the late games on the Labor Day weekend. I can already tell you, the top five isn't what most people would think. Check out my three leaders and lolligaggers after the jump.

College Football Season Predictions and Week 1 Predictions

College Predictions week 1 It's finally time for the best time of the year - football season. Last season, I was able to give my thoughts and predictions on-air during the Midnight Meltdown, but of course that no longer exists, so now I've come back to the old blog to tell you what will happen over the course of the season. If you want more, I'm sure I'll be rambling about things on Twitter, which is where I spend most of my time on the internet now-a-days (other than Reddit, of course). If you're a college football fan, you need to make r/CFB a part of your life. This season is going to be fun, and it all gets underway tomorrow night as North Carolina takes on South Carolina, at 6 pm EST, followed by the game I'm looking forward to, Ole Miss at Vanderbilt. I think this first game between Ole Miss and Vandy is going to spell out the entire season for each team, win or lose. More after the jump.

I’m starting to have fun with Photoshop

So I've been trying my hand at Photoshop a lot lately. I've always had fun messing around with stuff, but I've been doing a lot more for the Meltdown and the station as a whole. It started with Alabama heading to Miami for the BCS championship, and now with signing day, but it's just grown and grown and I've done a lot of good stuff. Here are some of my most recent creations, including a Meltdown wallpaper you can use for yourself! You can always tell what I've had fun with, because it will crop up in multiple images. This time it's grunge backgrounds and 3D text. I also have a couple of other things to put out, but I can't because it's for secret stuff that isn't supposed to be announced yet, and I'd probably get in trouble. The photos after the jump...