Monday, July 26, 2021
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The Midnight Meltdown

The Midnight Meltdown was the radio show and media project developed by Flux Media founder Jon Lunceford and his two fellow sports nerds, Tim Melton and Aaron Daniel. What started out as a fun project turned into a serious radio show garnering the interest of many people in the Birmingham market and abroad with listeners calling and emailing in from places such as Los Angeles, Baton Rouge, Chicago, and yes, even our soldiers in Afghanistan.


In 2009, competitive gaming was growing rapidly in the United States, and there was a need for something to help cover the games that were being played. While some games got a lot of coverage, others were being left in the dust despite having great story lines of their own. So Flux Media founder Jon Lunceford, along with the help of a few contacts in the gaming industry, set out to create an online home for news and information about some of the lesser known games in eSports. Their finished product was GameNation.

Samsung SSD Brand Campaign

In 2010, Samsung Electronics launched a new line of solid state drives (SSD) into the market. For the first time, a 512 GB sized SSD was available to consumers and the market Samsung wanted to hit were gamers and content creators. Samsung, in partnership with the World Cyber Games, saw what Flux had done with GameNation, and asked them to help use that expertise to help develop and oversee a campaign to market to the demographics they wanted.


Zookery was created in conjunction with Cox Media Group in Birmingham, AL to serve as a platform for personalities in the radio market to have a new digital avenue to express themselves via blogs, videos, photos, and more. What originally started as an idea to be a news site, the idea evolved to become a blogging site. CMG in Birmingham didn't have a strong digital plan moving forward, so the site was created as a way to try and grow the company's digital portfolio. Zookery became home to many bloggers from popular radio stations such as 104.7 WZZK, 95.7 JAMZ, 97.3 The Zone and more.

ESPN 97.3 The Zone Advertising/Social Media

For the 2012 college football season, Flux founder Jon Lunceford developed some advertising and social media graphics for one of Cox Media Group's radio stations, ESPN 97.3 The Zone. The station had just picked up ESPN and wanted to make their presence known as a newer station. They took out ads in the Birmingham News, the Alabama GameDay program, and more. Jon was able to develop these ads for their campaign before the season and before the national championship in which the hometown team, Alabama, was in once again.