Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Lunce's List

Lunce’s List (2/19/18) – Five most disheartening things in-state basketball fans witnessed on Saturday

It was a tough weekend in the state as both Alabama and Auburn fell on the road to unranked teams. Granted, Alabama's loss was to Kentucky in Rupp Arena and Auburn's loss was...

Lunce’s List (2/16/18) – Five best MCU movies (post-Black Panther)

After seeing Black Panther on opening night, I was tasked with coming up with the best five Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. This doesn't include anything else Marvel like X-Men (so no Logan) or...

Lunce’s List (2/15/18) – Five best active basketball coaches in the SEC

The topic Tim gave me tonight was to name the best five coaches in the SEC. I had to take into account full careers and mix that in with current success. Some...