A New Start

So a bunch has happened over the last three months.

First a tornado destroyed Tuscaloosa while I was living there and finishing up college at the University of Alabama. Then, I had some free time and worked up a Gears of War community site with a few people called GoW Nation. Then I started co-hosting The @losersbracket with vVv Gaming. Then I left GoW Nation. Then I joined vVv Gaming.

Then I graduated, and here I sit today.

Graduation is the end of a long and painful journey through college. I learned a lot during that time, and made a lot more mistakes than I would have liked. Now that I have a degree in my hand – it’s time to take a fresh approach to everything I’ve been involved with over the past few years.

First off – gaming. Gaming is a big part of my life, and I have obviously spent a vast majority of my time with it. Not just playing, but writing, administering, and all kinds of stuff outside of the actual game. I have traveled the world, I have seen the sights, I have had my “success” – but it’s time to take a different approach to it. Perhaps a more…professional approach is a better way to put it. I spent so long just learning the ropes and getting my feet soaking wet, so I figure it’s time to just dive in. That’s why I have joined up with vVv Gaming to help produce a serious eSports news site. Gaming needs much better media, and I believe that I can help move towards that goal of better media by helping out in this way.

I have all but left Gears of War behind. GoW is a great game, and I love it. Even though it’s not where I got my start – it’s where I grew up in eSports. It was my first taste of real competition in video games. However, I believe the community is beyond repair, and I have my sights set on many other, greater things. That is why I have left GoW Nation in pretty much every capacity. I think our Summer Series and our relationship with a few unnamed sites will show just how much of a disaster Gears of War is. Terrible, behind the back relationships led me to leave GN. No appreciation of competition, also led me to leave GN. I think the community needs a major wake-up call, and I hope they get it soon.

Second – sports. I will no longer let anything interfere with my sports – especially gaming. I realize there are opportunities that will come along that I can’t pass up, but I have been passing up sports for way too long. As a fan, and as a member of the media, I have neglected to truly follow my real passion. I have a passion for both gaming and sports, but I will NOT give up sports for gaming. I have over the past couple of years, but no more.

Third – the professional world. As of tomorrow morning, I am officially unemployed. I have contacted tons of people, and have gotten no where. I know it’s just a part of the process, and I have to keep working hard at it, but that’s just more reason to drop focus elsewhere, and focus on this. I feel that I have great ideas for the world of online and social media, and I will find a place to suit me soon enough. However, I do not want to be in Alabama any more. Anyone that truly knows me, knows this. I am looking to relocate to either Chicago or New York. If anyone knows anything from around there – don’t be afraid to let me know!

On top of all of this, I still need a little me time. It’s a lot of work maintaining everything, but I think I’ve done a decent job of it so far. I never let my grades slip too low, I never had to stop playing video games, and I’ve always found a way to cheer on my favorite team, while covering the rest of them. Regardless of how well it was managed before – there is an extra burden that is now placed on all of these three aspects of my life, now that I have moved on with a college degree. So I need to…”re-think” my priorities.

For the time being, to expand my portfolio, I will be working on a few side projects. A couple of people have approached me and some of my colleagues at our pseudo-media group (AMG) to help produce some websites and work with them on the side for a little extra cash. This is where I will spend a bulk of my free time, and we already have a project that we are working on for the future. I also want to note, that while I still own the domains to GameNationPro.com, GoWNation.net, TeamcR.org, and more – I have granted other people use of these domains, but I will be producing websites for them for a little side job. A man’s gotta make money somehow.

Aside from these side projects, most of my attention starting this coming week will be devoted to vVv Gaming, The Loser’s Bracket, and finding a full-time job. There is a lot of work to do with all of these, so I will need to put my best foot forward, and I hope you guys will enjoy what you see.


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