A New Look for a New Day

I made a promise to myself at the beginning of the year that I would write something every day on my blog. The fact that it’s the end of May and I’ve only written 17 things this year determined that was a lie.

Without it being football season things went kind of slowly around here. But hopefully things will pick up in a couple of months.

If you are reading this, you may notice you are on a different domain than jlunce.me – that’s because I thought it would be better to go to a more normal domain with jonlunceford.com and let jlunce.me just be used as a short domain. I’m not really sure why I ever started using jlunce as a thing. I made it my Twitter account one day for some random reason, even though I have the @jonlunceford account too, and I made the domain to go along with it.

I decided to re-do the look of my website because it had been a couple of years since I re-did it and went with a more orthodox blog look. It has a plain, yet clean feel to it. I haven’t finished transferring everything over, but I’m working on that slowly but surely.

Nothing much has changed since the last time I did write anything. The biggest change is that I bought a house (see above). I feel like being a homeowner will allow me to settle down and have more of an opportunity to do the things I want outside of work, and allow me a little more security and freedom day in and day out.

We also just finished up the season with the NFHS Network last week with the AHSAA softball championships. I didn’t get to do as much this year as I did in years past because of work, but hopefully there will be more opportunities in the future. I can’t wait to see what football season holds. I’m working on a few ideas and whether it’s through work, the NFHS Network, or right here on this site – I’ll be working hard during the 2015 high school football season to bring great content, scores, and updates like always.

I’ll also get back to my weekly predictions for college football, and hopefully write more in general. There just isn’t a lot to say right now. Of course, you can always follow me on Twitter and see what I’m saying there.

I will say that now that I am settled down in my house – there are a couple of major projects I am working on with a few other people. I hope both of these will launch really soon. Let’s just say it’s the rebirth of two parts of my life that I really enjoyed and I’m super excited about. More on that later.