More unbeatens suffered their first loss of the season while some ran over their competition. Other top teams took the week off while others will next week.

The biggest poll overreactions this week are:

Ohio State (from 2 to 11) – Ohio State losing was fun to watch, but they are still a top 10 team easily. They should have only dropped to like 7 or 8. As much as I would love to give UCF and Kentucky credit, do we really think those are the two teams that should be sandwiching the Buckeyes?

Washington State (from 25 to 14) – Let’s take it easy on Washington State. Do they still have an outside chance of making the playoff? Maybe, but don’t get too excited. Beating Oregon wasn’t enough to make me think they are a top 15 team.

NC State dropped 6 spots to #22, but that’s about where they belong. Oregon dropped 7 spots to #19, but they are barely a top 20 team. So I’m fine with both of those.

Also, shout out to Appalachian State for making the top 25. I don’t know that they are actually a top 25 team in my opinion, but their one loss was a one-score loss to Penn State in week 1 and they could easily finish with only that one loss.

Here is the current tier list (teams listed in alphabetical order within a tier):

S Tier

Alabama – Another dominant win from Alabama over Tennessee. Alabama will have their closest game of the year this week as they play nobody. LSU on the road awaits in two weeks.

Clemson – Huge win over NC State to knock off the only other unbeaten in the ACC. They move to #2 in the polls after Ohio State’s loss, and will probably stay there.

A+ Tier

Georgia – Off this week, but we’ll see what they can do in Jacksonville against Florida.

LSU – After a huge win over Georgia, a very sloppy game in the rain against Mississippi State. However, their defense dominated Nick Fitzgerald who played terrible.

Michigan (+1) – Michigan gets a big win over Michigan State on the road, however, they still have to get past Penn State and Ohio State en route to a Big Ten title.

Notre Dame – Off this week, next week against Navy should be interesting.

Ohio State (-1) – Bad loss to Purdue. The Boilermakers were the better team in every way on Saturday. Ohio State and Michigan are now both in an interesting position. The Wolverines are currently a game up, but the winner of their game will still most likely win the division…unless Michigan State can defeat Ohio State in East Lansing.

A Tier

Oklahoma – Dominant win over TCU and it still comes down to them and West Virginia for a place in the Big 12 title game against Texas as it stands now. I still have Oklahoma as the highest Big 12 team because no Texas win has been particularly impressive minus their game against Oklahoma. Their only wins by more than one score are USC and TCU who are a combined 7-7.

UCF – Slow start without McKenzie Milton, but still an easy enough win over ECU.

A- Tier

Oregon (-1)
Penn State
Texas A&M
West Virginia

Dropped out: Mississippi State (-1), NC State (-1)

My playoff as of now

(1) Alabama vs. (4) Ohio State
(2) Clemson vs. (3) Notre Dame

(5) LSU
(6) Texas

Teams still alive for the playoff
(in my opinion and ordered by record, then alphabetical)

– Alabama (8-0)
– Clemson (7-0)
– Notre Dame (7-0)

– Florida (6-1), loss to Kentucky at home (Week 2)
– Georgia (6-1), loss to LSU on the road (Week 7)
– Kentucky (6-1), loss to Texas A&M on the road (Week 6)
– LSU (7-1), loss to Florida on the road (Week 6)
– Michigan (7-1), loss to Notre Dame on the road (Week 1)
– Ohio State (7-1), loss to Purdue on the road (Week 8)
– Oklahoma (6-1), loss to Texas on neutral site (Week 6)
– Texas (6-1), loss to Maryland on the road (Week 1)
– West Virginia (5-1), loss to Iowa State on the road (Week 7)

Long shots:

– UCF (7-0)
– Iowa (6-1), loss to Wisconsin at home (Week 4)
– NC State (5-1)
– Washington State (6-1), loss to USC at home (Week 4)

I’m fairly confident in the Pac-12 missing out. The teams that are set so far are:

Alabama(SEC) – can still probably suffer one loss, including LSU (if they miss SEC title game, both could get in)
Notre Dame (Independent) – if they win out
Clemson (ACC) – if they win out, might can suffer a loss as long as they win ACC
Georgia (SEC) – if they win out
LSU (SEC) – if they win out
Ohio State/Michigan (Big 10) – if they win out

Other teams will need some help in my opinion, even if they win out. For instance, if Florida wins out, they can still miss the SEC title game if Kentucky wins out. If Kentucky wins out, I’m not sure what the committee will do. They should make it because that would mean 12-1 with an SEC title, but the committee has never had to seriously consider a team like UK which is usually a cellar dweller of their conference.

I also think Oklahoma/Texas/West Virginia needs some help because of Notre Dame. Do you take a 1-loss, Big 12 champ over:

– Undefeated Notre Dame
– Undefeated Clemson
– Undefeated/1-loss SEC champ
– 1-loss Big 10 champ Ohio State/Michigan

I’m not sure you do. We’ll see how things play out.