What a crazy weekend of football Week 7 was. Multiple top 10 teams falling again and some of the other top teams struggling a bit more than normal.

The biggest poll overreactions this week are:

LSU (from 13 to 5) – LSU got a big win over Georgia, but they were #5, then lost and fell then went right back to #5 all within two weeks. I would have had them 6th or 7th just in front of Georgia.

Penn State (from 8 to 18) – The loss to Michigan State was not a good look and essentially knocked them out of the Big Ten title hunt and playoff picture, but they are still a top 15 team in my opinion.

Wisconsin (from 15 to 23) – Not a good loss to Michigan, but Michigan is currently (and I can’t believe I’m saying this) one of the best teams in the country.

S Tier

Alabama – It might be the sloppiest game that Alabama has played so far, but it was still a 29 point win. Tua still played fairly well, but we will see if the injury is actually bigger than it was portrayed after the game by Nick Saban. Jalen is playing good, but they seemed to go a bit more conservative when he came into the game.

Clemson – Clemson was off this week, but can get maybe their best win of the season against NC State next week.

Ohio State – Not the greatest win over Minnesota 30-14, but still an unbeaten Ohio State looks to be the second best team in the country to this point.

A+ Tier

Georgia (-1) – Georgia got embarrassed in Baton Rouge. They are still in contention for a playoff spot because LSU will end up being top 10 by the time they play Alabama as long as they beat Mississippi State at home next week. They can still beat Florida and Kentucky for ranked teams en route to Atlanta.

LSU (+1) – After a tough loss a week ago, this was a huge win over Georgia. They get Mississippi State and Alabama at home over the next three weeks to build their resume big enough to still be in playoff contention.

Notre Dame – Much like Ohio State, not the best win this past weekend, but it was a win as they beat Pitt 19-14. They are still on track for a playoff spot in my opinion and that Michigan win looks better and better each week.

A Tier

Michigan (+1) – Michigan was impressive in their win over Wisconsin. They are in a good position to win out and be in the playoff, but that means wins at Michigan State, vs. Penn State and at Ohio State in their last five games.

Oklahoma (-1) – Off this week, but an important few games coming up. Still alive for a Big 12 title and maybe a playoff spot?

Oregon (+1) – Big win over Washington to stay alive in the Pac-12 title hunt. I don’t know if they will be in the playoff hunt or not after Stanford has fallen off a bit, but they are looking fairly good.

UCF (-1) – UCF struggled at Memphis but was able to pull out the win. I still think they are a top 10 team overall, but had to move them back down to this tier.

A- Tier

Mississippi State
NC State (+1)
Penn State
Texas A&M
Washington (-1)
West Virginia (-1)
Wisconsin (-1)

Dropped out: Auburn (-1), Colorado (-1), Miami (-1)

My playoff as of now

(1) Alabama vs. (4) Notre Dame
(2) Ohio State vs. (3) Clemson

(5) LSU
(6) Texas

Teams still alive for the playoff
(in my opinion and ordered by record, then alphabetical)

– Alabama (7-0)
– Clemson (6-0)
– Notre Dame (7-0)
– NC State (5-0)
– Ohio State (7-0)
– Florida (6-1), loss to Kentucky at home (Week 2)
– Georgia (6-1), loss to LSU on the road (Week 7)
– Kentucky (5-1), loss to Texas A&M on the road (Week 6)
– LSU (6-1), loss to Florida on the road (Week 6)
– Michigan (6-1), loss to Notre Dame on the road (Week 1)
– Oklahoma (5-1), loss to Texas on neutral site (Week 6)
– Oregon (5-1), loss to Stanford at home (Week 4)
– Texas (6-1), loss to Maryland on the road (Week 1)
– West Virginia (5-1), loss to Iowa State on the road (Week 7)

Long shots:

– Colorado (5-1), loss to USC on the road (Week 7)
– Iowa (5-1), loss to Wisconsin at home (Week 4)
– Washington State (5-1), loss to USC at home (Week 4)