I skipped a week, but here is my tier list as we head into week 7 of the football season.

If you missed my explanation of the “Five Gods” of college football a couple of weeks ago, check it out here. Even though these five teams aren’t all “S Tier” right this second, they are still considered the best of the best overall. However, one of them lost this week.

The biggest overreactions in the AP Poll this week:

Texas – Moved from 19 to 9. They aren’t a top 10 team…at least not yet.

Florida – Moved from 22 to 14. LSU was overrated to begin with because their Miami/Auburn wins aren’t as good as we thought they were.

Auburn – Moved from 8 to 21. This shows how people were afraid to drop them before when clearly there were issues there with that offense. I think they should have just dropped to mid-teens.

S Tier

Alabama – Are there some questions on the defense after they gave up 31 points and over 400 yards to Arkansas? Sure, but with the offense that Alabama has, does it really matter?

Clemson – After a struggle last week, Trevor Lawrence comes back with a vengeance as Clemson crushes Wake Forest.

Georgia – Georgia is just waiting for the SEC championship at this point since their toughest remaining competitors all just lost (LSU, UK, Auburn). The Florida game just got more interesting though.

Ohio State – After a big comeback win over Penn State, Ohio State should be fairly solid the rest of the season and the easy favorite in the Big Ten.

A+ Tier

Notre Dame (+2) – I don’t know that Notre Dame is actually one of the best four teams for the playoff (assuming Alabama and Georgia don’t both make it since they would have to play each other), but they are definitely sitting in the best position with where they are now and who they have left this season.

UCF (+1) – Say what you want, but UCF is probably the next best team after the ones listed above and I think they could take Notre Dame or Clemson. They should run through their schedule and be the top Group of 5 team again in some NY6 bowl.

A Tier

LSU (-1) – Tough loss for the Tigers. They can still play themselves back into things with Georgia and Alabama on their schedule. Georgia is this week and that will answer all the questions we have about both teams at this point. They also have Mississippi State and Texas A&M who are back ranked now as well.

Oklahoma (-1) – The underdog plays well in the Red River Rivalry and that was the case again this year as Texas won. Still, with Oklahoma, I don’t know if they struggle much again except maybe at TCU after an off week this weekend, and then West Virginia on the road at the end of the season.

Washington – Washington survived UCLA, but I’m not sure they can survive the rest of the season. They already have that loss to Auburn (which is looking worse every week) and they have to travel to Oregon this week which could be tough.

West Virginia – The Mountaineers’ game against Texas just got a whole lot more interesting, but that and Oklahoma should be their only truly tough games left.

Wisconsin – The loss to BYU essentially knocked them out of the playoffs, but they can perhaps jump back into the conversation with a win on the road at Michigan this weekend. They also still have a road game against Penn State later this year as well.

A- Tier

Auburn (-1)
Colorado (+1)
Mississippi State
NC State (+1)
Penn State
Texas (+1)
Texas A&M (+1)

Dropped out: Stanford (-2)

My playoff as of now:

(1) Alabama vs. (4) Notre Dame
(2) Ohio State vs. (3) Georgia

(5) Clemson
(6) UCF

Why is Clemson out? I just think that if Notre Dame wins out, they are in, and then who could they potentially replace? It will be the loser of Alabama/Georgia or Clemson. However, if Clemson loses a game somewhere along the way, then I think Alabama/Georgia can both get in with only one loss between them (to the other team).